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Advice For Breast Pumping at Work

Advice For Breast Pumping at Work

Yes, ALL mothers are working mothers, but in this instance, I’m referring to moms who are employed outside of the home.

I found going back to work after my maternity leave was hard for the first few months. I was troubled and saddened because I had a difficult time trying to carve out a routine for pumping, and being able to be efficient at work at the same time. It was a tough experience and not easy. I don’t have any good advice for getting through this time other than just keeping the resolve to do it and go forward.

Talk with your boss about what’s going on. You may be lucky to have a supportive work base, who will applaud your decision to continue with breastfeeding. If they are not supportive, let them know the benefits of a breastfed baby (less sickness, happier baby – less work missed, etc.)

Below are tips to help ease into working.

Set a morning routine, or even prepare the night before. Having everything ready ahead of time makes the morning go easier.

Set up a pumping schedule. Go over this with your boss and co-workers. This will be done during your “break” times and you need to be able to finish the process uninterrupted. Show your boss that you can work this into your breaks without compromising your work load. They will be more inclined to be understanding and respectful of your wishes.

Make sure your “breast pump bag” is well supplied for your pumping sessions.

Find a good private room to pump. Once you’re a pro at it you will be able to pump just about anywhere.

ALWAYS clean your breast pump when you are done.

Once you’ve set the boundaries and have determined that you can do this – keep at it! Don’t allow little pitfalls or dis-respectful people to stop you. Remember the end result is that your baby is going to have the very best from you at all times. This is an effort that is to be applauded and your reward will be a healthy and happy baby.