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Air Duct Cleaning Service: Process and Technician Qualities

One of the main functions of an HVAC system is to ensure the circulation of heated and cooled air in your household. This is made possible by air ducts that supply air to various rooms in your house. That’s why if you notice that some areas may not be as hot or cold as others, the problem may be your ductwork. If it’s not well-maintained, dust, dirt, and other elements like pet fur will accumulate within it, blocking airflow.

Thankfully, these types of issues can be prevented with regular air duct cleaning. For further understanding, listed below is more information about it.

What To Expect in an Air Duct Cleaning Service?

As mentioned, duct cleaning is one of the simplest ways of maintaining your ductwork. But not many people know what goes on in a duct cleaning service. To give you a rundown, here are some things you can expect.

Duct and System Inspection

The first thing technicians do is inspect the whole system. It allows them to determine how much dirt, dust, or pet dander they need to remove. As such, they can prepare the proper tools for the amount of work they need to do. Moreover, it lets them check if leaks or other problems with your air ducts require urgent attention.

Initial inspection will also help them check if there are asbestos-containing elements in your heating and cooling system. Removing them is critical as prolonged exposure may cause diseases like cancer. However, eliminating asbestos requires specialized equipment that only professionals should handle. 

Dirt Vacuuming

After the inspection, HVAC technicians will remove dirt from your ducts using a vacuum cleaner. The negative pressure created by this procedure helps minimize bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants you might inhale during cleaning.

Brushing Settled Dust

Aside from a vacuum cleaner, HVAC professionals will also use specialized brush equipment to dislodge dust particles that have settled on duct surfaces. Tools like a rotary brush will help ensure that no unwanted elements will be left behind, allowing air to flow through the ducts efficiently.

Final Checking

After all the work has been done, the final step your technicians need to do is to reassess your whole HVAC system. This is to see if all parts of your unit are cleaned and are working properly. It is also to ensure that all access holes made during the cleaning process are sealed, preventing issues in the long run.

Qualities To Consider in a Duct Cleaning Provider

Duct cleaning is an important task that impacts the overall performance of your HVAC system. That’s why finding the right people to do it is also crucial. To help you make that decision, here are some of the qualities you need to consider.

Customer Reviews

The first thing you need to check when looking for a cleaning company is their customer reviews. This will help you determine if they have a good reputation in both the quality of their work and customer service. Moreover, if they have recurring customers, it gives the impression that most of their past clients are happy with the results they produce.

Years of Professional Experience

Another thing to look into is the longevity of their years in service. This is because companies with long years of experience working in this industry typically have more on-hands training in handling various situations. Moreover, you can be sure that their technicians have the credentials to use specialized equipment and follow safety protocols.

Price Range

Lastly, you have to check if the rates for their services are within your budget. Although getting an air duct cleaning service is essential in taking care of your HVAC unit, not all companies provide an affordable price. Their quotes typically vary depending on the service’s scope and the amount of time needed for it. That’s why it’s essential to compare your prospects and go with the one with the most reasonable charges.

The Takeaway

Without a doubt, air duct cleaning service providers are everywhere, given that it is an essential service that should be done regularly. This is especially true as the quality of your indoor air has an impact on your health. That’s why it is imperative that you do your research and only consider cleaning companies that have all the right qualities.