You are what you eat is commonly heard in our society. It is indeed true because everything you eat will become your source of energy or become your enemy later. You may be wondering how to eat the healthy food for your healthy life? Recently the awareness of healthy living increases rapidly among the public. Pay attention to your food intake that goes into your body will lead you to the healthy life. Choose the appropriate health food for your healthy life. Actually, it is very easy to add the food that rich in nutrient and also tasty. You can create a menu that not only tempting for your appetite but also gives you long-term health benefits. What kind of health food should you have? Try to have each of this health food for your everyday menu and you will see the impact to your body.


The first health food broccoli which is famous for the cancer prevention. It could give you immune enhancing and attack cancer. Broccoli is also high in fiber. It helps to excrete cholesterol and can improve the cardiovascular health. You only need to cook broccoli in a small amount of time. Steam it for 20 minutes or boiled it in the hot water for only 3 minutes.


The other health food for your healthy life is the egg. It contains high-quality protein, important minerals, and vitamins. One egg contains a third of the daily amount of vitamin K that is recommended for women. To get maximum benefits from the egg, you can eat it two or three servings a week.


The other health food oatmeal. A high fiber oatmeal makes you feel full longer. It could accelerate the metabolism in your body. Stabilize the blood sugar levels because of the vitamin, zinc, magnesium, and antioxidants in it.


The last health food banana. You can find banana anywhere anytime easily. Banana contains high potassium that good for prevents stroke and high blood pressure. Many people consume it to help the weight loss program.

You need to consume many healthy foods for your own life. To maintain your body fitness after all your activities all day, you need to take different kinds of healthy food in order to stay fit and prevent diseases.…

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Having a healthy and fit body would certainly be everyone’s dream. Many people have searched for some health tips on how to keep your healthy body. With a healthy body then we can be more productive for work. However, in this modern era, it currently seems to be a lot of people are ignoring their health. Nowadays, the lifestyle is likely to be at risk of causing the health problems such as consuming junk food and rarely work out. Lack of doing physical activity could be one trigger for the health problems on the body. In addition, uncontrolled food intake increases the risk exposure to a wide range of dangerous diseases. Then how to maintain the health of the body so that the stay fit and in shape? Here we recommend you some health tips on how to keep the healthy body.

Sports Routine

The first health tips to keep your healthy body is doing sports routine. There are many types of sports you can do to maintain your health such as jogging, swimming, cycling, and others. With your regular exercise, it will improve your blood circulation. It can also reduce your body fat and remove toxins from your body through the sweat.

Go To Bed Early

The second health tips to keep your healthy body is going to bed early. Sleep is one of the ways to relax your body. Having enough sleep is useful for the process of rejuvenation of the cells in your body.

Consume Much Water

The next health tips to keep your healthy body is consuming much water. Our body needs fluid intake daily in sufficient amounts. Lack of fluids could be the risk of dehydration and anemia disease. Therefore in order to keep your body fit and healthy body then consume water at least 2 liters per day.

Consume Healthy Foods

The next health tips to keep your healthy body is consuming healthy foods. Every food we consume should contain nutrients. The food we consume should not just make the belly full but should be able to nourish and complement the body’s nutritional needs.

Avoid Stress

The next health tips to keep your healthy body is avoiding stress. Stress will trigger the health problems in the body. Balancing your time between work and rest periods to avoid stress. Your life will be more healthy and happy always.…


Being a pregnant woman going through pregnancy time is quite difficult. Woman often complained about several things. For example the appearance of your body shape which makes you feel less beautiful. You will feel that you can’t match your fashion style because of pregnancy. Remember that a pregnant woman is indeed beautiful and fabulous. A pregnant woman tends to wear the loose clothes and pants because she will feel bloated and the belly will be getting bigger. Even if you only wear a comfortable loose clothing, you can still look fashionable in it. Here we give you some tips to dress well for the pregnant women.


For a pregnant woman, choosing a striped motif clothing is one good idea. It could cover your body and give a fashionable look. This kind of line also helps you to disguise your body that is getting enlarge.

Monochromatic Color

Wearing a monochromatic scheme could give some illusion to your appearance. A monochromatic scheme will make you look slimmer and taller than your actual body.

Flat Shoes

It is better not to use a high heels shoes. You can use the flat shoes that will give you a beautiful appearance, just as beautiful as high heels. Nowadays, there are many models and types of flat shoes that also give a comfortable feeling when you use.

Don’t ever let your pregnancy became one of the reasons to make you look bad and feel less beautiful. When you are pregnant, you can still look beautiful. You have to make sure to choose the comfortable clothes and does not interfere your health. There are some tips to dress for pregnant women that you can use to keep your look beautiful and fashionable.…

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Doing sport and fitness routines proved to be effective in shaping and taking care of your body. You can keep your body stay in shape, keep your ideal body weight and be healthy. For those of you who have been keeping busy with all the working routine and high demanding workload, sparing time for doing sport and this training might be difficult. Balancing your daily routine with this training is very needed for the sake of maintaining your body condition. How to keep your fitness routine on your busy day? Here we share the tips.

The Benefits Of Fitness Training

This training, besides becoming a lifestyle, it should also become your daily needed. The fitness routine is needed to balance your working activities with your body health. Your working activities tend to be monotonous and draining your strength. You need to keep your body healthy so that you can refresh your mind and ready to face the pressures of your working routine.

Fitness Training In The Morning

Start the day with a little exercise and This training will make your day better. Your body is still fresh so that you can do a maximum fitness training. It can improve your spirit and energy so that you could be more excited going through your activity throughout the day. The air in the morning is still fresh so it can be more refreshing. Spare your time about 20-30 minutes every morning to take a quick walking or jogging around your neighborhood. This will make you feel great throughout the day.

Training In The Afternoon

Many people choose the late afternoon as the perfect time to exercise and do this training. Generally, those who choose fitness in the afternoon are the office workers. The fitness center could be a destination for refreshing and relieving stress. If your work that day wasn’t really tiring and you still have plenty of energy, then you could go for this training for some minutes.

Training At Night

The evening also became a favorite time for fitness for office workers. After work, the body becomes relaxed at the night. We recommend that you do the this 3 hours before bedtime. Because after the fitness you still need time for cooling down, bathing and then relaxing.

Choosing the best time for your training is all on your hand. The best time depends on your working schedule. So that this training will not interfere with your work and daily activities. This training is indeed better done on the desired schedule because by doing fitness training routine you will get the maximum results.…

Organic food is gaining in popularity, but the majority of consumers still opt for food choices that are conventionally farmed and prepared. While most consumers know that organically-sourced foods are the better option, few know exactly why. Many individuals struggle with the fact that conventional fruits, vegetables, and meat are not as healthy as we once thought.

  1. By choosing healthier foods, you are investing in the future.

“Organically-sourced” refers to the way that agricultural products are grown and processed. This may include improving soil quality, weed and insect control that does not involve the use of pesticides and interrupting cycles of pests and disease.

Not only are these food options healthier for your body, but they are also rooted in processes that are more sustainable for the environment and other living organisms. Pollution reduction, safer livestock habitats, sustainable resource cycles, and the enhancement of water and soil quality are all positive attributes of sustainable farming.

  1. Organically-sourced foods are a healthier and safer option for consumers.

Studies have shown that consuming clean produce, dairy products, and meat is beneficial for bodily functions. In fact, small to moderate increases in nutrients present in produce have been found in organically harvested crops. Lower cadmium (a toxic metal) levels are present in organically-sourced grains, reduced levels of detected pesticide residue and a lower risk of bacterial contamination within organically-sourced meat are all positive attributes of organically-sourced food.

The benefits of consuming organically-sourced food continue to mound as scientific studies are compiled. Simply put: fewer chemicals equals healthier humans. And now we can use organic food coloring to bring a familiar look to a healthier choice.

  1. Reduce your pesticide exposure through the consumption of organically-farmed food.

Every time you take a bite of a fruit or a vegetable, you are also consuming anything present on the outside of the produce at that time. While we would like to think that all of the produce on the shelves are clean, that is simply not the case.

Have you ever heard of the “dirty dozen?” This is a list of the top 12 most likely fruits/vegetables to be contaminated by pesticides and is better when purchased from a natural source. Simply put, conventional crops have been shown to contain up to four times more pesticide residue than their natural counterparts. Essentially, eating an organic diet can reduce your exposure to these harmful chemicals.

  1. Organic snack options are more likely to be natural foods, as well.

While clean food options do not tout their lack of additives, coloring, or preservatives, they often possess these qualities. Oftentimes, an organic snack is less processed and possesses fewer hormones than conventional foods.

However, there are many ways to make these healthy food choices look more like other well-known snacks. The use of organic food coloring is always another option to make food appear similar to it’s the conventional counterpart.

  1. It is becoming more affordable, due to an increase in popularity.

The cost of any natural, responsibly-sourced snack is no longer a reason to abstain from investing in them. As more consumers become aware of the ill effects of conventionally-farmed food, they are purchasing from companies that are more organically-based.

Thus, the law of large numbers means that profits are abounding and products are becoming more affordable for everyone. Investing in our health is paying off.

For some women, the period of ovulation is precise as a Swiss watch. They can say that it is happening on the right day or even an hour. But some women can’t be so sure about it. Read more about this problem here.

Visiting your gynecologist is not the first option sometimes, like during the holiday season, or when you have a lot of things to do at work. In this article, we are talking about some of the best at-home tests and apps. Read on and find out more!

Run a calendar

Always have a calendar in which you should mark your period. Mark the first day, every month, so you can check how long it lasts. In the perfect middle of the month, you should be ovulating. For example, if it happens every 30 days, the ovulation has happened on the 15th day. This is how you can almost always know when your possible period is.

Download an app

In case you forgot to keep a calendar, then a more appropriate option is to download a mobile application on your cell phone. Make sure you put some alarms that will give you a notification about the possible date of the beginning of the period and possible days of fertility. If you want to learn more, check out this article called the 8 best at-home fertility tests and apps

Learn about your body

Follow the body signs. Some women can feel the ovulation and describe it as a pain in one of the ovaries, positive feelings, they feel sexier, their skin is softer, or they need sex more than they usually do. Also, your body temperature increases these days, and it’s a little bit higher than other days. Your cervical mucus is also different.

Buy a fertility test

Buy yourself fertility tests. Ask about them at your gynecologist or buy them from the pharmacy. You can buy five or more straps so you can check every day about the ovulation. They can show the three most fertile days in the month. They look almost the same as the pregnancy test. They use a urine sample to give information about the ovulation period.

Use science and technology

Buy yourself a fertility microscope. It’s more expensive than the tests, but it is used frequently and can tell 98% of accuracy from a saliva example. It is amazing how the technology works and how far it reached. People today can use it from the comfort of their homes.

Use an ovulation kit

A monitor is a very more sophisticated way of monitoring your important days. It can store all data that you enter, like which dates are the ones you get the period, and which days you have ovulation.

You can also put it data about the days that you’ve had sex, so it can also predict the day of conception. Nowadays they are made with touch screens, and with more information with graphics and notification about the period and your body. The test is made only in the days when the monitor notifies, and it is made with the urine sample. The results come in five minutes.

The mini microscope is the most used fertility test. It shows the level of estrogens and salt in your organism trough the salvia. It is reusable, and it works on batteries. It can be used thousands of times. It does not need any tracks and is most valuable for the money. Read more about it here:

The only thing that is not very positive about this test is that anything you put in your mouth, like cigarettes, or chewing gum, or food, can affect the result. So your mouth should be clean and the best period to use it is in the morning.


As you can see, there are so many options when it comes to checking out the pregnancy options at home. Since it’s a subject of exploring for millions of years, it is pretty much clear how the woman’s body works.

There are over 3,5 billion women in the world so you wouldn’t be too surprised when you realize there’s so much gear for keeping track of the women’s cycle.…

It isn’t hard to find a good dental clinic in Bundoora− one of the mosthighly sought-after suburbs of Melbourne. Like most Australian cities, good dentists are plentiful throughout Melbourne. However, to help you choose between them, you may wish to consider:

  • The location
  • The information on their website or social media
  • The variation in pricing
  • The different expertise of the dental clinics in the area.

You can also conduct research to help you find the best clinic. Continue reading for some helpful tips to get you started.

H2: Ask For Recommendations

If you’re looking for a good dental clinic in Bundoora, the best place to start is by asking people you know who live close by to you. Those who know the local area well are likely to be able to recommend a dentist who they can vouch for − especially if the people you’re asking have perfect teeth.

H2: Do Your Homework

Like most businesses, almostevery dental clinic will have a website. Before selecting your dental clinic of choice, look up their internet presence to see how they’re presenting themselves to the world, and how many new clients will discover them. Many dental professionals will also be set up on social media, which may be worth looking at before you make an appointment.

What can you find out about a clinic in this way? You might find out the exact location of a practice, past customer testimonials, and a guide to their typical pricing structure. You might also discover the different expertise and experience of their staff.

Most importantly, perhaps, looking at a clinic’s internet presence can give you a sense of whether you feel comfortable entrusting your dental health to a certain clinic. Like with many decisions, in the end many people decide with their gut before they make up their mind.

H2: Don’t Forget About Price

There will be a variation in costs from dentist to dentist, so it pays to shop around. However, don’t fall into the trap of expecting the more affordable provider to deliver a markedly worse service. Dentists who are new to the area, fresh out of training or setting up on their own for the first time may set their rates competitively while still offering excellent service.

Dental insurance is recommended, as the cost of treatment can be high − and the cost will only grow higher the longer you leave a dental problem without treatment. Check your eligibility for dental insurance,as this can help to make dental care much more affordable.

H2: Ask About Specialist Dentistry Services

Some family dentists also have specific expertise that means a further referral to a specialist isn’t required. For example, orthodonticsandendodontics may be available under the same roof, meaning you can get all your dental needs taken care of in one convenient place. If you think you may require specialist dentistry services, it’s best to choose a dental clinic in Bundoora that offers these additional services.

The domestic maritime industry in the U.S. is an important source of jobs, currently creating a livelihood for 650,000 Americans across the country, according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report. For instance, the maritime industry supports 13,850 jobs in Ohio and produces $3.2 billion for the local economy.

The Jones Act

The Jones Act is a federal law established to regulate maritime commerce in the U.S. It was enacted after World War I by the U.S. Congress in order to stimulate the shipping industry. It requires that only vessels owned, built, crewed and documented in the U.S. transport merchandise between all U.S. ports.

The vessels comprising the Jones Act fleet transport roughly a quarter of the nation’s freight along the internal waterways of the U.S. They carry:

  • Grain, coal, and other cargos via inland rivers.
  • Iron ore, coal, and limestone across the Great Lakes.
  • Refined petroleum products along the east and gulf coasts.
  • Merchandise and construction materials to and from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and other non-continental regions of the U.S.
  • Supplies for offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

On some occasions, the U.S. government has granted temporary waivers on the requirements of the Jones Act. This is typically done when a natural disaster affects an area and more ships are needed to legally supply goods to it. There are opponents of the Jones Act who believe that it needs to be permanently repealed. They state that repeal would lead to decreased shipping costs and lower prices. Jones Act waivers following recent hurricanes has also been blamed for further complicating and slowing recovery aid.

Maritime Jobs Creator 

The Jones Act creates many jobs in the maritime industry, ranging from captains on ships to longshoremen at ports, and even truck drivers who deliver goods on land. Many jobs in the shipbuilding industry are directly supported by the construction of Jones Act ships.

Employees in the maritime industry build and maintain ships for both commercial and governmental clients. They crew vessels moving stone, coal, iron ore, and steel needed for U.S. manufacturing, energy production, and construction.

Indirect Jobs

Apart from the direct jobs in the maritime industry, it also supports indirect jobs elsewhere in the economy. The maritime industry is supported by many other industries, such as induction motor manufacturers that supply three-phase induction motors for use on such ships. Because their construction is simple yet robust and they offer high reliability in the sea environment, induction motors are used in many systems on ships, including seawater pumps, cranes, and propulsion equipment.

The Size and Scope of the Industry

The size and scope of the American maritime industry are staggering. For example, it moves more than one billion-plus tons of cargo annually and provides 74,000 jobs at shipyards and on vessels alone.

The Jones Act has many proponents who regard it as a significant contributor to the national economy and national security. It supports the maritime industry which many American citizens rely on for their livelihood, both directly and indirectly.

Do you ever look at a certain model or actress and wish you had a body like them? Well, you do not need to envy them anymore. You too can have a body like that by going on a Pilates retreat.

·        What is a Pilates retreat?

Various organizations work to provide you with a safe environment to allow you to grow and maintain yourself. Such an environment is free from your baggage of everyday life. Pilates retreats were originally developed to help injured dancers and soldiers recover. These are simple and soothing poses and exercises that strengthen your body and improve your posture.

·        What are the benefits of Pilates retreat?

A calm mind and a great posture are not the only reasons for you to decide to go on a yoga retreat. Following are other benefits that you can reap should you go on one.

1.      A healthy regime

If you are thinking about going on a retreat, chances are you are confused about where to start. However, organizations such as Fix Food Relax Retreat do all the thinking for you. They make up your diet and activities to give you a fruitful experience.

2.      Nurtured mind and body

A calm environment will help you find inner peace. Pilates retreats in Bali and other areas alike are quite popular because their soothing environment allows a person to grow mentally and physically. The safe and peaceful surroundings will give you the headspace to figure out your personal and professional life. Moreover, the process is said to be a way to improve concentration and focus.

3.      Muscle memory development

Repeating the same exercises and activities the way it is normally done in yoga is said to build up your muscle memory. This will not only allow you to retain memories but focus on developing specific areas of the brain.

4.      Enhanced social skills

The best part about going on a Pilates retreat is how friendly the people are there. Like you, others are also going to be there who wanted to take a break from their fast track lives. Coupled together with the shared experiences of the retreat will help you develop strong bonds with like-minded individuals for life.

5.      Flat stomach

Oftentimes, people go on retreats to get in shape. You may also find celebrities on your Pilates retreat to Bali because they frequent such getaways to maintain their body. Instructors will work with you on exercises focused on your abdominal muscles. This will in turn result in a flatter stomach.

So, whether you take up the offer to go for a Pilates retreat in Bali or somewhere else, the exercises will help you work on your breathing, body alignment and posture. You can also improve your balance and focus. Moreover, you can find inner peace and nurture your body and mind to access their full potential.

What are you sitting here for? Do not waste time. Book your Pilates retreat right away and give yourself much needed and well-deserved rest.…

To make a business more effective and reliable from the point of view of workforce performance management, following an established system matters a lot. This system must focus on regulating the workforce first by getting the right employees for the different departments of the company. This system should manage people in various respects from attendance to payroll. In short, it allows the company to handle its finances smoothly because everything is well laid out and everyone is contributing positively to the achievement of its goals. This assures management that operations will be trouble-free with just the right people working. These and more are the benefits a company gets from effective workforce performance management.

To further understand the concept of workforce management solutions, it is good to understand its specific areas of focus as follow:

>          Payroll & benefits – a record of employees and their basic compensation and bonuses

>          HR Department – the office that implements hiring processes

>          Time & attendance – a partial basis for evaluating employees’ performance and determining the salary to be received on a certain payday, including bonuses

>          Career & succession planning – an overview of the employees’ performance for promotion.

>          Learning management and/or training management – employee training

>          Performance management – an overall record of an employee’s performance based on various criteria

>          Forecasting and scheduling – schedule plotting to avoid over and under-staffing

>          Workforce tracking and emergency assist – implementation of a contingency plan when employees’ overall performance compromises the company’s goals

These areas of focus indicate that workforce management should be made up of various aspects in order to be effective. Many people could not differentiate these areas and most of the time, they are confused. But focusing on these key areas is key to having a well-established company where workers are in coordination with one another and are aware of what they are doing. It provides good business for people who want to work and earn a decent living.

Besides, it is the workforce that makes a business alive. When the workforce is not performing well, business cannot go well. Therefore, managing employees effectively is not only important but crucial to the success of any company.

There are less risks when a company or business can manage its employees effectively. This is why understanding workforce management is crucial for any business. Through this, business can be improved in a way that makes clients or customers comfortable and always satisfied. It is a win-win situation for both customers and business owners as they will have a right flow of transactions from beginning to end.

Are you having certain hair problems? As a woman, fine and healthy hair is everyone’s dream. However, to realize it certainly requires extra effort.

Some people turn to use salon services to treat their hair, but only the hair specialist at the head office can make your hair texture healthier, why? because head office hair specialists use Keune shampoo enriched with more than 20 plant extracts. For more detailed information about the head office hair specialist, you can visit this site

The following are some series of treatments to make hair texture smoother and healthier. What makes you curious?

Treatment series 1

KEUNE uses 100% natural plant essential therapy to create sensory experiences. KEUNE is enriched with more than 20 plant extracts and essential oils, each selected for a special purpose and KEUNE is the only active ingredient in that range. Therefore, all pure products are famous for the absence of parabens and sulfates, do not contain artificial fragrance or color, do not contain ingredients related to animals, 100% safe colors.

Treatment series 2

Grated half a coconut, this grater uses a cotton cloth to get the coconut milk. Add honey, then apply the mixture to the surface of the hair, including the scalp.

Wait 30 minutes, then wash your hair. This series of treatments has anti-inflammatory properties and can treat hair such as dandruff or dull strands.

Treatment series 3

Make a paste of one ripe banana, then add one white egg, and one tablespoon of olive oil. Apply to the hair, wait for 30 minutes.

After rinsing it, apply shampoo carefully to thoroughly clean the remaining paste from your hair. Have you ever tried this treatment package?

Treatment series 4

Half a cup of yogurt plus one egg white, and three teaspoons of lemon juice into one. Apply to the surface of the scalp, then wash after 30 minutes.

This series of treatments can help overcome dandruff and make hair look shinier. If you have dull hair problems, this treatment can also be an option.

Treatment series 5

Squeeze four strawberries into a thick paste, add two teaspoons of yogurt, and apply it to your hair. Wait for 20 minutes before transferring.

If you have problems with an oily scalp, this series of treatments can be very helpful.…