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Tips & Advice on How to Lower Your Cholesterol

Tips & Advice on How to Lower Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol levels play a vital part in whether we are at risk of developing further health problems in future. Whether young or old a high cholesterol leaves you at risk of suffering a heart or stroke, which obviously is something that you will want to avoid!

On that note I have compiled some of my best tips on how to lower your cholesterol to keep you and your child healthy to prevent any health problems in future. Remember to stay positive it is never too late to reverse the effects of a high cholesterol as long as you take action immediately.

Just like anything in life too much of something can be bad for you and the same can be said of fat. Consuming a combination of unhealthy foods as well as not participating daily exercise will only increase your risk of developing health problems in future.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol can be seen as a type of fat that is produced by the liver and and is transported round our body through our veins in our blood stream. This can potentially block arteries such as those in your heart thus restricting blood flow to the heart, when the heart does not have sufficient blood to pump then a heart attack occurs.

How to combat cholesterol

Diet is an important factor when it comes to health. In fact it is the main factor to consider changing if you are to lower your cholesterol. Stop consuming foods high in saturated fat, if your body receives more fat than it can handle then your arteries and veins will become clogged.

For a basic understanding on what foods contain cholesterol you must first understand that all food products contain cholesterol. It is not cholesterol that is bad for you, it is the amount you consume that is bad for you. Remember that. You do not have to be an expert in food supplementation to reduce your intake of high cholesterol foods. You have two choices, intake large quantities of food with virtually no cholesterol or smaller amounts of food with cholesterol.

Junk food and takeaway food are the main culprits of high cholesterol. You should be reducing those types of food immediately.

Balance your diet out.

Everything in life needs balance. if you find you are consuming a lot of of foods high in unhealthy fats then counter attack the effects by consuming an equal amount of foods with healthy fats. As well as doing this take up an exercise routine to keep cholesterol low in your body and consume fibre to keep your body and heart functioning properly. Include a lot of vegetables and fruits into your diet for obvious reasons and consider taking vitamin supplements such as cod liver oil to keep your heart healthy,

Those were some of my best tips on lowering your cholesterol and keeping your heart healthy for life. remember it is not to late, make a decision …

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How Prime Medical doctors Keep Healthy

You may go to the House Web page or strive looking again. Hunger is to not be ignored, even in case you’re attempting to food regimen. And in case you need extra proof to eat that a.m. meal, further research discovered that women had a larger drop in ghrelin (the hunger hormone) after they ate a hearty breakfast versus a small one.

To lose a pound per week, you need to lop off about 500 calories a day by changing into extra lively and consuming much less. If somebody who is accustomed to eating once per day all of the sudden adds another meal to his schedule, disease can happen. They’re in control now and might choose better every time they need to, not just do whatever another person wants them to.

Getting regular bodily exercise can assist burn the extra calories, provide you with additional vitality, show you how to sleep higher, decrease stress, decrease blood sugars, blood stress, and bad ldl cholesterol; just to name a few. Using language easily understood by youngsters, Dr. Jamison Starbuck explains how different elements of the physique operate.

Dr. Starbuck’s Well being Suggestions for Children teaches children concerning the human physique, frequent health points, and easy ways to stay wholesome. Get trusted recommendation from the docs at Harvard Medical College. Wealthy in dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals, it protects one from breast and prostrate cancer.

This lack of proof is why Dr. Clay Jackson , vice chairman of the board of the American Academy of Ache Administration, informed Enterprise Insider that folks should not strive apitherapy as their first choice for problems with out consulting their doctor.…

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Does Ginger Help to Lower Cholesterol?

Does Ginger Help to Lower Cholesterol?

Ginger is the root part of the plant Zingiber officinale, which is a long plant reaching about three feet in height. Ginger can be consumed as a delicacy, medicine or spice. This versatile plant is often referred to a root ginger or ginger root. Ginger can be found in many forms: extract, capsules, oils, ground, tea or fresh.

There have been numerous studies done to examine the possible health benefits of ginger. Ginger’s ability to combat such a wide variety of illnesses and ailments is due to its impact on excessive inflammation which is a major underlying cause of many illnesses. Inflammation is the body’s natural way of trying to heal itself by keeping us from moving the inflamed area. Unfortunately inflammation doesn’t always go away. It can become a chronic issue and lead to many more health problems.

Ginger has been proven to help combat: motion sickness, nausea, arthritis, joint pain, some forms of cancer, pain, inflammation, cold and flu prevention, migraine relief, menstrual cramps, indigestion, colic, irritable bowl, poor circulation and the list just goes on.

Recent studies show that ginger might also play a significant role in lowering LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Ginger is thought to help lower LDL levels. In a study by K. Srinivasan published in “International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research” ginger was shown to help significantly reduce serum and hepatic cholesterol by stimulating the conversion of cholesterol to bile acid. Once converted to bile, it can be removed from the body.

Ginger extract was shown to lower cholesterol and LDL oxidized in rats in a study by Bianca Furman. Similar results were noted in a study by R. Alizadeh-Navaei which involved human subjects.

There needs to be more studies on the use of ginger to combat cholesterol, ginger has proven is does have medicinal properties. If you do have high cholesterol, speak to your doctor before adding ginger to supplement your fight against this disease.

High doses of ginger have been known to cause side effects for some. These side effects include: belching, diarrhea, heartburn, mouth irritation, upset stomach, rash or hives, itching, swelling in the mouth, face, lips or tongue, difficulty breathing and irregular heartbeat. So great care and a discussion with your doctor is needed when making the decision as to whether or not you should add ginger to your fight against cholesterol.

So care must be taken when considering adding ginger to the fight against high cholesterol.…

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Low Cholesterol Diet – 3 Delicious Food Tips

Low Cholesterol Diet – 3 Delicious Food Tips

One of the most important things you need to be aware of in a fast weight loss diet plan is the types of foods that you must consume to be able to gain lean muscle mass and lose weight. They do not have to be bland and can be delicious. A fast weight loss diet plan that is good is one that uses only natural ingredients and there are no chemical additives used in the process to help the body burn fat.

What you need to understand is that a fast weight loss diet plan, or the ones that are in the market are usually either appetite repressants or they have ingredients in the entire fast weight loss diet plan that helps to increase the metabolic process and sometimes even body temperature. This can be quite dangerous in the sense that you will be introducing chemical processes into the body which are not natural. So you need to be aware of the ingredients that are being used and check them against a list of known artificial chemicals used for the weigh loss process.

The next thing you need to know about a fast weight loss diet plan is whether or not you are allergic to any of the ingredients inside. You need to be able to test your own tolerances to certain processes and ingredients that are going to be introduced to your body. What you need to do is to actually be aware of your own self. This is why products like ephedrine laced diet plans are taken off the shelf, because of the numerous incidents of heart attacks and even one or two reported deaths.

Everyone is different and you are unique. You need to be able to know that you can respond well to fast weight loss diet plan that you have just picked up of the shelf. Do not trust the studies conducted because they are usually limited in their scope and do not cover a large population of people. Fast weight loss diet plans are usually not recommended for most people because they will try the fastest route to weight loss. Sometimes they are just starvation diets in disguise.

This brings us on to the third point that needs to be brought up on this subject. A normal human being has a certainly caloric maintenance level that you need to be able to asses and know that your own is when you think you can understand how you need to lose weight in the process. Starvation diets are not good because they will always lead to crashes and you will then gain back the weight that you have lost in the future anyway. What you need to find out is whether or not these fast weight loss diet plans are actually just starvation diets in disguise. These are some of the things that you need to know about when you consider choosing the types of food that …

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America’s Healthiest Grocery Shops

With pure alternative merchandise, brought collectively by our workforce of Qualified Naturopaths making certain solely the very best quality elements, security and advice. In a glass of milk or juice put 2-3 drops of oregano oil. I use cinnamon powder and uncooked honey on my oatmeal. I am really stunned that many people right here have by no means heard of jaggery or gur and entire of their lives that they had been consuming white sugar or brown colored white sugar.

Patie, my baby was born with hydrocephulus as properly and he was premature at had a shunt at three months however had diffucult consuming and swallowing coulsnt achieve weight as is 7months outdated and weighs four.2kgs.I have tried to ask doctors no a lot help is completed.I have now started utilizing system milk s26 gold and a few multivitamin for untimely infants and malnutrised the past days i have tried this he appears to be doing nicely am praying and trust God that all shall be nicely.Check along with your chemistry on the multivitam.

Some phrases which can be associated with well being food are macrobiotics , pure foods , organic meals and complete meals Macrobiotics is a diet focusing totally on complete cereals Entire cereals, together with other whole meals, are foods which might be minimally processed.

Components & minerals in Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt. In the process of therapeutic the bones, therapeutic or balancing the parathyroid glands is sort of always necessary, in addition to to stability complete endocrine system. Ajwrites – thank you and its nice to know you’ve been to quite a few cities in India.

Coronary heart Disease: Make a paste of honey and cinnamon powder and apply on bread as an alternative of jelly and jam. We supply nutritional vitamins, homeopathics, herbs, biodynamic skin- and body-care, chemical-free make-up, important oils, allergy-friendly foods, and far, far more.…

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In relation to healthcare, men have a fame for being notoriously ostrich like – in that they bury their head in the sand, hoping the issue will go away. Veggies are among the most good foods on the market—rich in vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Add a pinch or two of cayenne pepper to the water and drink as needed. A exercise buddy is massively useful for preserving motivated, however it’s vital to search out somebody who will inspire—not discourage.

Fruits and veggies may be recent, canned in 100% fruit juice, frozen, or dried, and may be entire, reduce up, or pureed. When you really feel bloated, consuming water sounds as if it will only make matters worse, however it might probably typically assist, says James Lee, MD, gastroenterologist with St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, Calif.

Simply thirteen episodes aired earlier than the show was cancelled, though they were given the unusual alternative to address the series finale’s cliffhanger in the ninth season of The X-Information. After I take into consideration the holidays, nothing says house like the smell of baking.

Over time, small changes to your consuming, consuming, and bodily activity habits may provide help to control your weight, feel better, and enhance your health. Cash worries are particularly prevalent during the holidays, Wright says. Enjoy average amounts of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat in your weight loss program.

Most breast cancers occur in ladies over the age of fifty. The chance is very excessive for ladies over age 60. Amongst a difficult curriculum, thrilling social life and private commitments, typically it can be tough to remember to take care of yourself. If in case you have issues, discuss your results with your health care provider.…

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Lower Cholesterol With Herbs For A Safer And More Effective Approach To Preventing Heart Disease

Lower Cholesterol With Herbs For A Safer And More Effective Approach To Preventing Heart Disease

The idea on how to lower cholesterol with herbs is an ancient concept meeting the new age. Natural plants including the food that we humans eat have been widely used by numerous cultures and societies since the dawn of civilization.

It is worth noting that herbal medicines are still considered the safest and most effective means of gaining relief from almost all types of medical ailments. It is only recently, when massive scientific and medical researches and studies have been made that the conclusion on herbal benefits in terms of cholesterol reduction has been clearly laid down.

When we talk about methods on how to lower cholesterol with herbs, our purpose is not only to reduce and regulate the cholesterol level in our bodies but also to prevent possible risks of cardiovascular diseases related to it.

Hence, aside from being a cure, natural plants serve as prevention in terms of cleaning toxins, fats and finally serve as barriers against harmful chemicals that may intrude the body. The type of cholesterol that we are trying to eliminate is scientifically known as LDL cholesterol, excess fat that solidifies and stores in the body creating plaque deposits, commonly referred to as “bad” cholesterol. It is the most common cause of heart disease and stroke since a large portion of these fats are deposited in the walls of the veins and arteries thereby causing blockage.

Among the common plants that are very much effective in regulating cholesterol, garlic is top of the list. To lower cholesterol with herbs, specifically garlic, it should be added to your regular diet. This cooking-essential plant has ample amounts of organosulfur compounds or allicin that maintain the ideal balance of cholesterol level that is present in the blood. Studies have proven that amounts of organosulfur in garlic are far better than all other herbal sources.

Together with garlic, alfalfa herb is also beneficial in combating bad cholesterol. Alfalfas provide the necessary fibres and chemicals that prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques or simply fatty deposits inside the blood vessels. They act as the inhibitions of the body’s absorption of these harmful cholesterols.

Adding to the list, we can lower cholesterol with herbs when we consume red yeast rice. This plant has an active anti-cholesterol ingredient referred to as monacolin K. Monacolin K prevents the production of cholesterol in the body by halting the key enzyme in the liver responsible for its production. Since this herbal supplement has effects similar to the chemically processed statin medications, its use is required to be regulated.

Herbal food and medications rich in fibre are very good at preventing the absorption of cholesterol by the body by cleaning them out. Such foods include oats, barley, rye beans and fresh green vegetables.

Artichoke leaf on the other hand limits the synthesis of cholesterol thus also preventing its accumulation inside the walls of blood vessels. Capsicum increases blood flow as well …

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What Is The Best Cholesterol Reducing Diet?

What Is The Best Cholesterol Reducing Diet?

You might be wondering what could be the best cholesterol reducing diet for your body type. You may have different reasons as to why you would want to know diets that have less cholesterol values. But the most obvious reason that you might have is because you want to stay fit and healthy. Bad cholesterol as you know is very bad and dangerous for the body. You may not yet feel its effects early on but over time it accumulates and builds up within the walls of the arteries of the body, and such can result to coronary artery disease, heart failure, and death. You cannot take abnormally high bad cholesterol levels for granted. It’s a very scary thing, learning about what could happen to your body if you don’t take care of it. But fortunately for you, such cardiovascular diseases could be prevented through modifying your lifestyle.

People are becoming more and more aware of their body’s health, which leads them to want the best. People are making smart choices about their body, what they eat, what they do and what they apply on their body. That is probably why they are becoming conscious about what they put in their mouths. That may also be a reason why they want to find out the best cholesterol reducing diet. You would be surprised to learn that the best diet to help reduce your cholesterol is just easily within your reach. Fruits and vegetables are good for your body, and they are readily available. Besides providing bulk in your diet, fruits and vegetables are abundant in fiber and antioxidants, too. Fiber and antioxidants are known to help reduce the body’s cholesterol level. They sweep and flush away the fat and toxins that accumulate in the body.

If you want to steer away from cholesterol containing foods, then you have to make the effort to eat healthier. Stay away from red meat, and substitute white lean meat instead. Although red meat is more abundant, white meat, like that of the turkey’s, is a much healthier source of protein. Other food items that you should avoid are those that are commercially-processed. They are easy to cook, but these foods usually contain harmful substances that help preserve them. Drinking milk is never a problem, but you have to buy skimmed milk or fat free ones. Don’t grab full cream milk containers.

Eggs are healthy and they contain protein, but it is recommended that you only eat a maximum of four eggs a week. If you do want to eat more eggs, just remove the yolk as it is very rich in cholesterol. Substitute egg white for the yolk when you decide to cook your omelets for breakfast.

The effectiveness of a diet will depend on how motivated you are to stick to the diet. But those that are mentioned above are just some of the food items you should have in your cholesterol reducing diet.…

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Want to Know About Cholesterol?

Want to Know About Cholesterol?

Being told that you have high cholesterol can cause a big panic, but you do not necessarily need to panic unduly as doctors often only tell one side of the story, i.e., high cholesterol is bad for you. There is, though, rather more to it than that.

Cholesterol is a type of fat that is essential for normal body function. We all need some cholesterol to build and maintain cell membranes (outer layer), controlling passage of molecules across membranes, produce certain hormones, produce bile, help metabolism of vitamins, and to insulate nerve fibres Without cholesterol we could not survive, but, like so many good things, you can have too much.

An excess of cholesterol, or certain types of cholesterol, can lead to narrowing of arteries, and a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

Cholesterol does not float around by itself in the body. It does not dissolve in the blood so is transported around attached to protein, and these protein/fat combinations are called lipoproteins. The main culprits in causing artery and heart disease are the low density lipoproteins (LDL), which is often termed “bad” cholesterol because they carry cholesterol from the liver to cells of the body, including lining cells of arteries where excess can be deposited.

High density (HDL) lipoproteins are termed “good” cholesterol because they take cholesterol away from cells and back to the liver to be broken down and expelled as waste.

There is a third main category of cholesterol known as triglycerides, which mostly produced by the immediate conversion of food after digestion. Energy from food that is eaten and not used immediately is converted into triglycerides and transported to fat cells for storage. A certain amount of triglycerides are therefore present in the blood, but, too much can be a bad thing and increase the risk of heart disease.

When your doctor measures your cholesterol levels he may only be talking about total cholesterol, which is only a rough guide to heart disease risk. The ratio of HDL to LDL is a more accurate pointer. High LDL levels are a bad sign, whilst high HDL levels are good.

“Bad” cholesterol levels can be reduced by attention to diet, not just by reducing fatty meat intake but also by cutting down on sugary foods, and the processed foods that are sold in boxes and bags in supermarkets. This is because only some cholesterol is taken in as such in food; most is made in the body in the liver. A high fat/high refined carbohydrate diet, so typical of Western society, unfortunately tends to cause the liver to manufacture more cholesterol of the wrong sort.

To avoid health problems from too much of the wrong sort of cholesterol you should eat a healthy, natural diet, incorporating plenty of fruit and vegetables. Drinking plenty of water and taking pro-biotic supplements can also help.

By avoiding too much processed or junk food you can help keep your cholesterol levels normal. Oh, and, by …

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How to Lower Cholesterol: 7 Effective Tips

How to Lower Cholesterol: 7 Effective Tips

Today human faces lots of undertakings in their lives. Facing problems in different perspective. One of the major concern of many people is their health. Many diseases emerge due to unhealthful living. A good example is the ranging high cholesterol level of many people. This condition, if not managed well, will contribute to the development of other kind of diseases.

Many contributing factors are associated with the development of heart disease but the most common is the continuing high level of bad cholesterol in a person. Pharmaceutical treatment can be used, but you can have the healthy way as your other option. Modifying your diet can be an effective way to lower your cholesterol level.

Courage and determination is needed to avoid those “bad foods” in order for you to have a lower cholesterol level. Know the foods to eat and not to eat. Discipline is what it takes for you to thrive. I have listed some tips for you to follow for a month and then recheck and evaluate the result of your diet.

1. Red meat is a high source of saturated fat so you have to reduce your daily intake of red meat or you can substitute it with white meat for lower cholesterol content. Chicken and fish are the best examples of foods that are low in saturated fats.

2. You can no longer eat normal foods so try to have some light products. Be careful in choosing your dairy goods. Start to have low cholesterol dressing and spread. Light cheese and skimmed milk is a good choice. Don’t be fastidious because some foods are not that appetizing, it is for your own sake.

3. Eat foods that assist excellent in proper digestion. Include high fiber foods in your diet like fruits, vegetables and grains. It will aid the elimination of dietary fats in your body. Salads can be a healthier replacement for your oily foods but remember to choose the correct dressings.

4. Instead of frying, steam or grill your foods. In this way you can avoid consuming additional fat and you will get more nutrients from the foods you eat. But if you can’t avoid frying, try using olive or canola oils.

5. Often, eating in restaurants can’t be avoided, so choose a restaurant that serves low cholesterol cuisine. Don’t be afraid to ask so that your diet will not be compromised. And if you are going to buy some goods, cautiously read the label, most importantly the fat content.

6. Drinking alcoholic beverages is to be avoided when you are having a diet. It will definitely wreck all your endeavours to lower your cholesterol level. As much as possible keep away from that activity. You should also avoid having a sedentary lifestyle. Move around and have exercise inbo on your daily routine.

7. Lastly, if your doctor recommends medication to lower your cholesterol then follow it for the maximum effectiveness of your plan.

This is only …

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Type 2 Diabetes – Diabetes And Eye Care

Type 2 Diabetes – Diabetes And Eye Care

Diabetes has the propensity to inflict damage to many different parts of the body. One of the areas where this is particularly true is the eyes. Knowing how to manage your Type 2 diabetes and prevent the numerous diabetic complications, helps to protect your eyes from becoming temporarily, or even permanently, damaged.

When a person is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, there are other things to consider besides daily high blood sugar levels. Diabetics have a tendency to develop glaucoma at a much higher rate than those who are not diabetic. Diabetics are also much more prone to having cataracts.

Almost half of all diabetics will develop a condition known as diabetic retinopathy, which happens to be the leading cause of blindness for the elderly, although the risk of eye damage has decreased considerably with modern diabetes and eye care. Retinopathy occurs when the retina becomes damaged. Some diabetics will also have macular edema, which is a swelling of the part of the eye that has to do with clear vision. Again, results may range from temporary to permanent.

There are many things people with Type 2 diabetes can do to protect their vision:

By far, the most important one is to maintain healthy blood sugar levels at all times. Since individuals respond differently to glucose fluctuations, even a small shift in glucose can register in the eyes. As a diabetic, if someone told you doing a particular action would result in blindness, you would go out of your way to make sure you never committed that action again. Elevated blood sugar is one of the easiest ways to cause blindness, and yet, many diabetics ignore the advice.

Another critical area to keep under control is cholesterol. Cholesterol affects blood flow. It affects blood pressure. It affects fat buildup. It affects heart rate. And so on, and so on. Cholesterol that is allowed to run out of control is like a runaway train. Eventually, there is going to be a major disaster as a result.

Maintaining proper blood pressure is another key preventive measure you can take. Anytime you apply too much blood pressure to the body, the most sensitive areas will be affected first. And nothing is more sensitive than your eyes.

Smoking. As if the formation of lung and other numerous cancers wasn’t enough, let’s throw in how it destroys the respiratory system and other vital organs. Plus, consider what happens to skin, tissue and blood vessels, most importantly, the blood vessels of the eyes. Smoking causes them to become severely damaged.…

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What You Must Know About Cholesterol

What You Must Know About Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance carried in the bloodstream. It comes from two sources. (1) It is produced by an enzyme in our body (a liver enzyme called HMG-CoA reductase), (2) It also comes from the food we eat. The human body needs some cholesterol because it is essential to form cell membranes, some hormone, and other needed tissue. But an abnormally high level of cholesterol in the blood (hypercholesterolemia) is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, which leads to heart attacks and stroke, the number one cause of death in many countries around the world.

Cholesterol and other fats cannot dissolve in the blood; they have to be transported in the bloodstream by special carriers of lipids and proteins called lipoproteins. There are several kinds of lipoproteins. The two most important ones are low-density lipoprotein (LDL), high-density lipoprotein (HDL), which carries one-third to one-fourth of blood cholesterol.

A high level of LDL reflects an increased risk of heart disease, and that is why LDL is often referred to as “bad” cholesterol. Conversely, scientific and medical research has determined that HDL carries cholesterol away from the arteries and back to the liver, where it is processed. HDL is therefore known as “good” cholesterol

What Do the Cholesterol Levels and Numbers Mean?


– Less than 200 mg/dL-Desirable

– From 200 to 239 mg/dL-Moderate Risk (lifestyle & diet changes recommended)

– From 240 to 299 mg/dL-Elevated Risk (consult with a health care provider)

– Above 300 mg/dL-High Risk (must be under treatment by a medical doctor)


– Less than 100 mg/dL-Optimal

– From 100 to 129 mg/dL-Less than optimal (consult with a health care provider)

– From 130 to 159 mg/dL-Moderately High (consult with a health care provider)

– From 160 to 189 mg/dL-High (must be under treatment by a medical doctor)

– Above 190 mg/dL-Very high (must be under treatment by a medical doctor)


– Less than 40 mg/dL-Low (consult with a health care provider)

– Above 60 mg/dL-High (good, the higher the better)

– General Suggestions for LDL HDL Cholesterol Levels Management

Check your cholesterol levels frequently.

Watch what you eat.

Exercise and control your stress levels.

Make sure you are taking-in an adequate amount of basic nutrients on a daily basis

Consider going on a cholesterol-reducing regimen or treatment.

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Why Aren’t You Using Omega 3 to Fight Cholesterol?

Why Aren’t You Using Omega 3 to Fight Cholesterol?

What if I told you that there are effective ways to lower cholesterol with a few simple life style changes? The fact is, if you are concerned about what you are eating and asking yourself, what should my cholesterol be, you are aware that it’s time to make some healthy changes.

Many folks like me are very cautious about the types of medicine we put into our system. When my doctor first recommended a popular statin drug to help lower my bad cholesterol, I was apprehensive about taking yet another pill.

One primary concern for many people is how this medication will affect what I’m already taking. When you read so many stories about problems from mixing medications, it gives one pause.

The first question to answer is what should my cholesterol be? According to the American Heart Association, total cholesterol should be no more than a combined 199 mg/dl. Total triglycerides should be no more than 149mg/dl, LDL no more than 99mg/dl.

If you are doing everything correctly; namely, exercising at least twenty minutes a day and eating foods that aren’t filled with saturated fat, your cholesterol numbers should reflect this regimen.

How many people have bad cholesterol?

Sadly, the statistics show that one in six people suffer from high cholesterol. The potential complications from this problem include stroke, heart disease, and damage to the kidneys or obesity. No matter what way you look at it, high cholesterol is a formula early death.

Proper diet consisting of high amounts of Omega 3 can help to fight the effects of bad cholesterol. Foods that are high in Omega 3 include, green vegetables, nuts, grains, lentils and bean dishes. In addition, sea food is high in Omega 3 fatty acids.

If you are wondering which fish contain Omega 3, look no further than cold water fish like sardines, mackerel, and salmon. Benefits of DHA and EPA fatty acids found in fish include the fighting of bad LDL cholesterol and the boosting of HDL cholesterol.

Which fish contain Omega 3? Well, many types of fish contain Omega 3 but the best source of DHA and EPA fatty acid comes from cold water fish.

What if I don’t like sea food?

There is a simple and beneficial solution to this issue. Taking an Omega 3 supplement is the ideal answer. An Omega 3 supplement is basically the essential fatty acids found in fish oil without having to eat fish. For many people, an Omega 3 supplement each day is indeed the easy way out.

An Omega 3 supplement is also the simple way to meet you dietary recommendation for a daily dose of Omega 3. Just as important, it’s all natural and alleviates the worry about harmful side effects from cholesterol lowering chemicals in your body!


Now that you know the facts, remember the next time you want to know what should my cholesterol be, keep it simple, 99mg/dl or less for LDL, …

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Trust Your Omega 3 Senses – Why You Should Pick Odourless Omega 3 Fish Oil

Trust Your Omega 3 Senses – Why You Should Pick Odourless Omega 3 Fish Oil

Human beings are hard-wired with countless automatic safe-guards: we flinch reflexively at heat and cold, and are naturally vertiginous in childhood. But to misquote many an engineer, nature can be fool-proof, but never malice-proof.

Take fresh foods, for instance. Before we invented “best-before” and “display-before”, milk was sold without any hassle. Anyone aged three and over would take a sip and a sniff. If it’s stale or rancid, that’s the end of it. Now you see full-grown adults panicking in front of an open fridge, trying to divine what milk was supposed to taste like, cereal-box in hand.

We don’t trust our senses any more because unscrupulous vendors have trained us not to, just so we will throw out perfectly good food. But occasionally there is a more insidious aim: to make us eat something we would have normally thrown away.

Many health-conscious consumers, especially parents, might feel a bit put off by omega 3 fish oil. The unpalatable taste is bad enough, but frequently there’s a horrible surprise at the end: the fishy burp. So much for the price of health: you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

This is a misconception deviously cultivated by malicious vendors. Let me explain why.

If you’ve ever smelled rancid fish, you’ll note its resemblance with the fishy burp. But fresh fish, especially if they are packed in cold or sealed packages, seldom really smell of anything. This is because rancidity is a by-product of oxidation. And if your soft-gel gives off the same smell, it means it has been oxidized.

Now, one of the main reasons we supplement our diet with fish and omega 3 products is for their abundant supply of anti-oxidants. Oxygen is a funny thing: our lives depend on it because it’s extraordinarily reactive. But this very property also brings us free radicals, which are the chemical equivalent of philandering bachelors.

They go around interacting with anything they can lay their hands upon, never settling down and thus ruin the delicate balance in healthy cells in the process. In this way free radicals contribute a lot to natural aging.

It’s too drastic to stop breathing in order to stop aging, so the next best thing is to combat free radicals by means of anti-oxidants. But if your fish oils are completely oxidized during production and transportation, they bring you very little benefits. Indeed, the capsule would then become a fertile breeding ground for bacteria.

So the next time you buy these capsules, do a simple test and pop one open. Ideally it should remind you of an ocean in the same way a freshly opened oyster does, instead of a fish market gutter in the tropics.

Be very cautious if you catch a whiff of lime or some herbal fragrance: you don’t need condiments for your omega 3 fish oil, so someone’s trying to cover up something. Check the Certificate of Analysis on the …

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Barry College, Miami Shores, Florida

You’ll be able to visit the Dwelling Web page or attempt looking out once more. As you develop into fitter, slowly improve your pace, the length of time you are active, and how typically you’re active. However fear not if you happen to like a bit of flavor during your fitness: There at the moment are lower- cal sports drinks accessible, adds Newgent, so look out for ’em in your grocery aisles.

Too much saturated fat can improve the quantity of ldl cholesterol in the blood, which will increase your danger of creating heart disease. Sessions are often held once per week and the analysis shows that an average of 20 classes are wanted to resolve the issues of the everyday child referred for treatment.

Rosemary is a wealthy source of Vitamin A, which is required for maintaining mucous membranes. Meals resembling naturally fermented sauerkraut, kimchi, and kefir, as well as yogurt with active cultures, also include these bacteria. However even less deadly sexually transmitted ailments can cause a wide range of disability, reminiscent of infertility problems and pelvic ache in ladies.

Many medical conditions can be acknowledged in the early stages by getting preventive screenings and immunizations. The text warns pregnant girls to avoid sure activities, similar to fasting, falling, and taking medicine that causes vomiting. visit https://sanka7a.com/.…

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7 Breastfeeding Diet Tips for Women Post Pregnancy

7 Breastfeeding Diet Tips for Women Post Pregnancy

The pregnancy diet does not actually just abruptly stop after you’ve given birth to your baby also known as “post pregnancy.” The main goal for the diet is to maximize your baby’s growth and development inside you, right? Now that your baby is out of your body, you no longer have to watch your diet and can finally work on losing all those extra pounds, right? Actually, no – not yet anyway.

Your body is stressed. Let it recover first.

Firstly, you can’t start starving yourself and going all out on a weight loss diet just yet. Relax your body first. Labor and delivery is a very stressful experience for your body. It can take a toll to your over all well-being. Remember, if you force yourself too soon and too fast, you will just end up feeling more fatigued. Allow your body a chance to relax first. To be able to hasten your recovery, you very well need to eat your nutritious meals and calories.

Your baby’s growth and development is priority.

The next important point that you need to consider is your baby’s growth and development, which is likely your best interest right now. Although he or she is already outside of your body, only you can give him or her exact nutrients he needs – through your breast milk.

Breastfeeding is the most recommended and effective method of nutrient provision to your baby. After all, your breast milk was created by our body for your baby specifically, and it will keep producing milk as long as your baby still needs it. Knowing that, we can be sure that the quality of your breast milk is highly dependent on the quality of nutrition you feed your own body. Hence, after your pregnancy diet, for your baby’s best benefit, you should move on to another diet – the breastfeeding mother’s diet.

Don’t worry though because the post pregnancy or breastfeeding diet is not much different from your pregnancy diet plan. Both still focus on providing the best nutrition possible for your baby since he or she will rely on your breast milk exclusively.

Here are a few information about the diet for post pregnancy that you can use to jump start on your breastfeeding nutrition:

Eat at least 1,800 calories per day to make sure that the quality of your breast milk will not be affected.

Maintain drinking 8 glasses of water everyday to keep up with your body hydration.

Fruits and vegetables are rich natural resources of vitamins and minerals that your baby requires.

Drink low-fat milk and other dairy products for your baby’s calcium needs. Calcium is good for your baby’s bone and teeth.

Organ meats like liver and many green leafy vegetables like broccoli, spinach and peas provide a lot of iron.

Folic Acid, which is good for baby’s brain, can be found in whole wheat bread.

Ensure you get the extra Vitamins and Minerals by taking the …

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Best Diet For Lower Cholesterol

Best Diet For Lower Cholesterol

Nowadays high cholesterol poses a problem to many people. Changes have to be made in the diet. We cannot make any changes in our genes. Hence, we need to follow strict diet in order to lose the excess cholesterol that is accumulated in our body. This article would help you in getting valuable tips on how to lose cholesterol from your body naturally and also without any visit to the doctor’s clinic.

Make sure that you include more garlic in your daily meals in any form. Garlic has several medical properties and losing cholesterol is mainly one of the best known benefits of garlic that is widely known. Add garlic to your food items. If it is soup or pasta, it does not matter. Make sure that you eat garlic at least once or twice a day as part of your daily meals. The next important thing is that you need to increase the quantity of soy foods that you eat. Soybeans are very highly regarded in helping us to rid of the excess of cholesterol that is added inside our body. Green soybeans are the order of the day if you wish to rid of the excess of cholesterol.

Now that we have seen the benefits of soybeans, it is also necessary to note that beans are very good for our health in this case. Beans also help us in the process of losing cholesterol. And include food items that are rich in fiber. Fiber rich food items such as vegetables and fruits must be part of our daily meals. Eat more and more amount of food items that are very much rich in fiber content to lose cholesterol.

Do not add more amounts of oils in your food items. Oil such as olive oil must be totally avoided at any cost as it not only harms our health but it also adds the content of cholesterol inside our body. Hence, make it a point to remove oil foods if you are in a diet of controlling the intake of cholesterol.

Eat lots of vegetarian foods. Vegetarian foods do not contain cholesterol causing items. Meat usually causes cholesterol in our body to rise up. So, make it a habit to avoid meats and other non vegetarian food items which may cause damage to your health.

To top this all, you need to do some basic exercises. You need not go to a nearby gym and spend long hours working out. It would be much better if you can walk up to a certain distance a day. Do some simple exercises like walking and bicycling. If you are maintaining cholesterol control diet, well and fine. But, at the same time you need to make a note of the exercises that are also as much important as the diet. Keep these things in mind and go in the right path to lose the cholesterol.

Thus, the best diet for losing the cholesterol has been thus discussed.…

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Manage and Control Your Health Safely and Naturally and Lower Cholesterol by Diet and Exercise

Manage and Control Your Health Safely and Naturally and Lower Cholesterol by Diet and Exercise

It is important that you take responsibility for your own health. Research shows that unhealthy cholesterol levels can contribute significantly to health problems that can lead to heart disease and stroke. If you want to lower cholesterol by diet you need to know that it requires some knowledge about the foods in your diet and also some basic understanding of cholesterol. Given time and practice you’ll be able to create and adapt to a new diet and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Why It’s Important to Reduce Cholesterol Levels

When you order a test for your cholesterol profile you’ll typically obtain three results. These will be measurements of your levels of LDL, HDL, and triglycerides.

HDL or high-density lipoprotein is generally considered as “good” cholesterol because they contain more protein than cholesterol. Increased HDL levels can help lower your risk of heart disease. LDL or low-density lipoproteins however is considered the bad guy since it is essentially responsible for cholesterol deposits within the arteries and consequently increases your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Triglycerides are essential to our health but too much of it could also cause heart problems.

Food You Can Eat

When preparing your meals it is better if you know the types of food which can help lower cholesterol by diet. So do your research on foods. The more foods you find that you can include in your low-fat and low cholesterol diet the better. Having variety in your diet will help keep you healthy and prevent you from being tempted to eat foods which may increase your cholesterol levels.

Olive Oil

Leading a health-conscious diet doesn’t mean you have to stay away from everything fried or anything that has to do with oil. When you’re frying, sauteing or cooking food, you can try replacing cooking oil or butter with olive oil. It’s not the ideal way to reduce your cholesterol levels, but it’s a lot healthier than using ordinary cooking oil or butter for your food preparation.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fatty fish are considered excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to reduce heart problems. Examples of fish you can include in your diet are mackerel, salmon, herring and halibut. Canola oil and ground flax-seed are also good sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

High-Fiber Foods

Increase your intake of oat bran or oatmeal, which has high levels of fiber. They’re very effective in reducing your body’s LDL levels. Soluble fiber can also be found in foods like apples, kidney beans, and prunes.


Believe it or not, but having a nutty diet can do remarkable things for your health and, more specifically, your cholesterol levels. You can include them in your diet by replacing add-ons like croutons and cheese with nuts. Just make sure that you’re eating them in their natural state. Those mixed with salt or are sugar-coated can still cause you health problems, albeit in a different way.…

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Advantages of Breastfeeding For the Mother

Advantages of Breastfeeding For the Mother

As well as breastfeeding being advantageous for the baby, there are many advantages of breastfeeding for the mother. Regarding breastfeeding, mothers often think about what is best for their baby, however below are the main advantages to the mothers themselves.

The hormones involved with breastfeeding enable the womb to more quickly return to its original size and the normal bleeding after childbirth (lochia) stops sooner.

The mother burns off more fat, 500 k calories per day, providing the milk, and so gets back to her pre-pregnancy weight and shape more quickly.

It is convenient and always available where ever you are. No equipment is necessary by way of bottles, teats etc. and no sterilizing procedure is necessary.

It is more convenient during the night not having to get up to prepare and warm bottles of formula milk.

Wherever the breastfeeding mother and her baby are, the milk is there at the right time and at the right temperature.

The knowledge and satisfaction for the mother knowing that she is providing her baby with what nature intended.

It can help to space pregnancies as when a mother is fully breastfeeding she is less likely to ovulate and have periods.

Breastfeeding is associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer and some reduction in the rate of ovarian cancer. This effect increases with an increase in the total time in life, that the mother spends breastfeeding.

It is an ideal way for the mother and baby to bond. The baby at birth can only focus on things 10 inches away from himself, which is in fact the distance between the mother’s eyes and the baby’s eyes whilst he is being breasfed. Nature has got it right!

For women who are concerned about the environment, breastfeeding reduces the demands made on it by the reduction of waste and pollution.

It is generally more economical as it can be unnecessary to purchase formula milk and bottles. The calories used in producing breast milk usually come from the reserves that the mother has laid down during her pregnancy, though she may need to eat more.

If breastfeeding gets underway successfully, and with the right knowledge and support most mothers can breastfeed, then these are the many advantages of breastfeeding for the mother.



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Useful Scholar Well being Suggestions

You can visit the Home Web page or attempt searching once more. It affords tips and instruments to help folks ages sixty five and over eat wholesome foods and be bodily active. Cabbage has a spread of health benefits — they are an important source of Vitamin C and are loaded with manganese. Being lively might be arduous if your mobility is limited or if in case you have serious well being issues.

If you are obese, work toward dropping 5-7% of your weight to significantly reduce your well being dangers. Inadequate sleep, stress, weight problems and busy life that lack self-care can all contribute to irritation in our bodies. For a BMI chart, see the Weight-control Info Community (WIN) page Better Well being and You An online device for measuring your BMI can be out there.

The next time you’re consuming with an enormous group, be conscious of that trigger and attempt to restrict how much you eat. Your doctor keeps track of your medical history and can help you keep healthy. If you don’t have coronary artery disease, the American Coronary heart Association recommends eating foods rich in omega-three fatty acids, corresponding to salmon, trout, or mackerel, twice weekly.

If you are struggling to keep up a wholesome weight or must drop pounds, the 2005 Dietary Tips for Americans advocate 60 to 90 minutes a day of reasonable activity. When you handle your weight through a healthy diet and regular train, you are more likely to have less leg symptoms and/or less swelling.

Select whole-grain meals over those made with refined grains, equivalent to white bread. Adopt the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) eating plan, and reduce day by day salt intake you probably have hypertension. Make sure you keep away from dangerous tanning salon beds because placing yourself in danger for pores and skin most cancers is certainly not worth the danger of just a little coloration.

Based on this study, there was no elevated danger of breast cancer as a consequence of wearing a bra, a outcome that, to breast cancer specialists, was about as shocking as the observation that the solar rises within the east and sets in the west, water is moist, and gasoline flammable.


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Breast Milk Vs Formula Debate

Breast Milk Vs Formula Debate

Less than fifty years ago, physicians were discouraging mothers from breastfeeding. Public opinion at the time was that it wasn’t something that a modern woman did. Rather, it was viewed as something mothers of low socio-economic status did out of necessity. But the tide of both medical and public opinion has turned. Today, mothers feel enormous pressure to breastfeed their infants. The popularity of breastfeeding has even spawned new industries. Special breastfeeding chairs have become an essential item of nursery furniture in many homes. Some breastfeeding advocates go as far as hinting that women who choose not to breastfeed, for whatever reason, are putting their child’s welfare at risk.

There is no question that breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for infants. There is ample medical evidence that breastfeeding has health benefits for both the child and the mother. Breast milk contains disease fighting antibodies which protect the child from bacterial, viral or fungal infections. And, breastfeeding mothers have been shown to have a lower risk of breast cancer and type 2 diabetes. Pediatricians generally advocate breastfeeding infants for at least the first year of their life, if not longer.

For many women, breastfeeding, particularly for a year or more, is neither practical nor feasible. A large percentage of women today, work outside the home. Two-earner families have become the norm, with increasing numbers of those families being dependent on both wages to provide the basic necessities. For women who need to return to work, bottle feeding becomes a necessity. And although some enlightened workplaces have policies in place to accommodate breastfeeding mothers, most do not. Infant formula provides a practical solution for working mothers.

Infant formulas are designed to replicate breast milk as closely as possible and provide all the nutritional requirements for a newborn’s proper growth and development. Most formulas are made from cow’s milk that has been treated to make the protein easier to digest. For babies who are unable to digest lactose or are allergic to milk, soy-based formulas are available.

The decision to breastfeed or use infant formula should be based on what is best in a family’s specific situation. Some mothers choose to do both, breastfeeding while they are on maternity leave, then gradually switching the child to formula as they prepare to return to the workforce. But, mothers should never be pressured or made to feel guilty for the choices they make in regard to this issue. Providing healthy infants are getting love, attention and adequate nutrition, they will grow, develop and thrive regardless of whether they are fed breast milk or formula.



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Fish Oil and Cholesterol

Fish Oil and Cholesterol

High levels of good cholesterol will help us live longer and this is why we need to increase them so we can protect ourselves from arterial plates or arteriosclerosis. A high level of good cholesterol is at least 40 milligrams per deciliter of blood in men and of 50 milligrams per deciliter in women. Each milligram per deciliter above this value will reduce chances of having a heart attack by about 3%.

This means that we have to adjust our eating habits so that we can get the appropriate quantities of good cholesterol from our food. Foods containing good cholesterol are those that are rich in saturated fats, or good fats. It is commonly known that fish is the healthiest and most beneficial food that can provide us with vital proteins, which contain few calories and give us essential fatty acids. But if we were to get all of our fatty acids solely from eating fish, then we would have to consume huge amounts. Not many people like to eat purely fish; which is why it is preferable to take the necessary amount of essential fatty acids from concentrated fish oil – product obtained from fish fats.

Fish oil is very rich in Omega 3, a poly-saturated fatty acid. Omega 3 is essential for the development of body cells and for the general health of our body and it must be taken from food because we cannot create it ourselves. Medical studies show lots of information encouraging Omega-3 acids because they can treat high cholesterol and a whole spectrum of other medical conditions.

The success of Omega-3 fatty acids manifests itself at the cellular levels. It’s important to know that the cellular membrane is made out of fatty acids and good cholesterol, and that it permits nutrients to feed the cell. When the cellular membrane is altered, the physiological process of communication between cells is interrupted and this is how malign cellular formations appear. When the cellular membrane contains Omega-3 fat acids, it will get protected from free radicals and will reduce the risk of developing cancerous cells. So, the protective role of fish oil fats cannot be neglected and it is in fact quite essential.

Fish oil plays an important role in producing some substances called prostaglandins, which can regulate hypertension, speed up blood coagulation, reduce allergies and return hormone production to normal levels. They also have an anti-inflammatory role and can fight inflammation without side-effects like the ones obtained from regular anti inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen.

Fish oil is the best method of reducing bad cholesterol, because of its high omega-3 content. The good fats contained in it will increase the levels of good cholesterol, and will improve your body’s metabolism. A faster metabolism generates a faster reduction of bad cholesterol levels, so by taking only one supplement you can greatly improve your health.

The daily recommended dosage of omega-3 fish oil acids varies depending on sex, age, general health and body weight, …

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Dropping Your Cholesterol Numbers the Easy Way!

Dropping Your Cholesterol Numbers the Easy Way!

One out of six people may not or may be aware that they have high levels of cholesterol. Having elevated levels of cholesterol puts you at risk for fatal stroke and impending heart disease. In order for you to prevent this from happening, you can try and control your cholesterol levels using these easy and simple steps.

Eat the right food.

An average person eats at least 4-6 times a day and many of us do not care for all the calories, fat and the amount of cholesterol we take in. If you have high levels of cholesterol, now is the time to change your eating habits. In order for you to control your cholesterol levels, you may want to choose foods that are high in fibre such as whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and try to abstain from eating processed foods that are high in saturated and trans fat.

You are also advised to eat foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are commonly found on cold water fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna. You can spice up your dish with a dash of herbs that are proven to help decrease cholesterol too such as holy basil and sunflower seeds.

Do a 30-minute walk.

We all have our own share of excuses for not getting out from the couch. But if you only knew that a 30-minute walk several times a week can make a huge difference to your overall health, you’ll definitely ran out of excuses to laze all day in the couch.

There are many health benefits that you can get from being physically active. Below are some advantages that you can reap out from taking a 30-minute walk for 3-5 times a week.

It boosts your immune system

Slows down the aging process

Bad mood buster and doing exercise makes you feel young

Lowers your cholesterol and blood pressure levels

So get a kickstart, put on your sturdy shoes and walk your way to health and fitness!

Stop smoking and start to drink moderately.

Every person has their own share of vices in life. If you’re a chain smoker, you’re at high risk of developing cancer and heart disease. If you’re a heavy drinker, your kidney’s lifespan will be reduced by about 10 years.

So think again and reflect on your own lifestyle. If you happen to have high levels of cholesterol and you’re a smoker and a heavy drinker, you may need to cut the chase by stop smoking and drink alcohol in full moderation. Your heart and you’ll entire body will thank you later on.

Having high levels of cholesterol doesn’t mean that you’re given a death sentence. Many people have lived a long life carrying this condition. What’s their secret? It’s self-discipline. Follow and live a healthy lifestyle and continue living a life with a positive attitude.