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Tips & Advice on How to Lower Your Cholesterol

Tips & Advice on How to Lower Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol levels play a vital part in whether we are at risk of developing further health problems in future. Whether young or old a high cholesterol leaves you at risk of suffering a heart or stroke, which obviously is something that you will want to avoid!

On that note I have compiled some of my best tips on how to lower your cholesterol to keep you and your child healthy to prevent any health problems in future. Remember to stay positive it is never too late to reverse the effects of a high cholesterol as long as you take action immediately.

Just like anything in life too much of something can be bad for you and the same can be said of fat. Consuming a combination of unhealthy foods as well as not participating daily exercise will only increase your risk of developing health problems in future.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol can be seen as a type of fat that is produced by the liver and and is transported round our body through our veins in our blood stream. This can potentially block arteries such as those in your heart thus restricting blood flow to the heart, when the heart does not have sufficient blood to pump then a heart attack occurs.

How to combat cholesterol

Diet is an important factor when it comes to health. In fact it is the main factor to consider changing if you are to lower your cholesterol. Stop consuming foods high in saturated fat, if your body receives more fat than it can handle then your arteries and veins will become clogged.

For a basic understanding on what foods contain cholesterol you must first understand that all food products contain cholesterol. It is not cholesterol that is bad for you, it is the amount you consume that is bad for you. Remember that. You do not have to be an expert in food supplementation to reduce your intake of high cholesterol foods. You have two choices, intake large quantities of food with virtually no cholesterol or smaller amounts of food with cholesterol.

Junk food and takeaway food are the main culprits of high cholesterol. You should be reducing those types of food immediately.

Balance your diet out.

Everything in life needs balance. if you find you are consuming a lot of of foods high in unhealthy fats then counter attack the effects by consuming an equal amount of foods with healthy fats. As well as doing this take up an exercise routine to keep cholesterol low in your body and consume fibre to keep your body and heart functioning properly. Include a lot of vegetables and fruits into your diet for obvious reasons and consider taking vitamin supplements such as cod liver oil to keep your heart healthy,

Those were some of my best tips on lowering your cholesterol and keeping your heart healthy for life. remember it is not to late, make a decision and stick to the plan. It is your life and your body, make the change for yourself otherwise you will regret it.