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Lower Cholesterol With Herbs For A Safer And More Effective Approach To Preventing Heart Disease

Lower Cholesterol With Herbs For A Safer And More Effective Approach To Preventing Heart Disease

The idea on how to lower cholesterol with herbs is an ancient concept meeting the new age. Natural plants including the food that we humans eat have been widely used by numerous cultures and societies since the dawn of civilization.

It is worth noting that herbal medicines are still considered the safest and most effective means of gaining relief from almost all types of medical ailments. It is only recently, when massive scientific and medical researches and studies have been made that the conclusion on herbal benefits in terms of cholesterol reduction has been clearly laid down.

When we talk about methods on how to lower cholesterol with herbs, our purpose is not only to reduce and regulate the cholesterol level in our bodies but also to prevent possible risks of cardiovascular diseases related to it.

Hence, aside from being a cure, natural plants serve as prevention in terms of cleaning toxins, fats and finally serve as barriers against harmful chemicals that may intrude the body. The type of cholesterol that we are trying to eliminate is scientifically known as LDL cholesterol, excess fat that solidifies and stores in the body creating plaque deposits, commonly referred to as “bad” cholesterol. It is the most common cause of heart disease and stroke since a large portion of these fats are deposited in the walls of the veins and arteries thereby causing blockage.

Among the common plants that are very much effective in regulating cholesterol, garlic is top of the list. To lower cholesterol with herbs, specifically garlic, it should be added to your regular diet. This cooking-essential plant has ample amounts of organosulfur compounds or allicin that maintain the ideal balance of cholesterol level that is present in the blood. Studies have proven that amounts of organosulfur in garlic are far better than all other herbal sources.

Together with garlic, alfalfa herb is also beneficial in combating bad cholesterol. Alfalfas provide the necessary fibres and chemicals that prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques or simply fatty deposits inside the blood vessels. They act as the inhibitions of the body’s absorption of these harmful cholesterols.

Adding to the list, we can lower cholesterol with herbs when we consume red yeast rice. This plant has an active anti-cholesterol ingredient referred to as monacolin K. Monacolin K prevents the production of cholesterol in the body by halting the key enzyme in the liver responsible for its production. Since this herbal supplement has effects similar to the chemically processed statin medications, its use is required to be regulated.

Herbal food and medications rich in fibre are very good at preventing the absorption of cholesterol by the body by cleaning them out. Such foods include oats, barley, rye beans and fresh green vegetables.

Artichoke leaf on the other hand limits the synthesis of cholesterol thus also preventing its accumulation inside the walls of blood vessels. Capsicum increases blood flow as well as other functions necessary for the elimination of wastes and toxins in the circulatory system.

Finally, when it comes to the subject on how to lower cholesterol with herbs, Guggul is no doubt to be one of the best since it aids in the significant reduction of serum triglycerides and cholesterol including the LDL and VLDL types. Lower cholesterol with herbs has become simplified with the introduction of natural supplements and the introduction of more power herbs and plants that target the whole of cholesterol – LDL, HDL and triglycerides, to give you greater protection against heart disease.