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Dropping Your Cholesterol Numbers the Easy Way!

Dropping Your Cholesterol Numbers the Easy Way!

One out of six people may not or may be aware that they have high levels of cholesterol. Having elevated levels of cholesterol puts you at risk for fatal stroke and impending heart disease. In order for you to prevent this from happening, you can try and control your cholesterol levels using these easy and simple steps.

Eat the right food.

An average person eats at least 4-6 times a day and many of us do not care for all the calories, fat and the amount of cholesterol we take in. If you have high levels of cholesterol, now is the time to change your eating habits. In order for you to control your cholesterol levels, you may want to choose foods that are high in fibre such as whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and try to abstain from eating processed foods that are high in saturated and trans fat.

You are also advised to eat foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are commonly found on cold water fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna. You can spice up your dish with a dash of herbs that are proven to help decrease cholesterol too such as holy basil and sunflower seeds.

Do a 30-minute walk.

We all have our own share of excuses for not getting out from the couch. But if you only knew that a 30-minute walk several times a week can make a huge difference to your overall health, you’ll definitely ran out of excuses to laze all day in the couch.

There are many health benefits that you can get from being physically active. Below are some advantages that you can reap out from taking a 30-minute walk for 3-5 times a week.

It boosts your immune system

Slows down the aging process

Bad mood buster and doing exercise makes you feel young

Lowers your cholesterol and blood pressure levels

So get a kickstart, put on your sturdy shoes and walk your way to health and fitness!

Stop smoking and start to drink moderately.

Every person has their own share of vices in life. If you’re a chain smoker, you’re at high risk of developing cancer and heart disease. If you’re a heavy drinker, your kidney’s lifespan will be reduced by about 10 years.

So think again and reflect on your own lifestyle. If you happen to have high levels of cholesterol and you’re a smoker and a heavy drinker, you may need to cut the chase by stop smoking and drink alcohol in full moderation. Your heart and you’ll entire body will thank you later on.

Having high levels of cholesterol doesn’t mean that you’re given a death sentence. Many people have lived a long life carrying this condition. What’s their secret? It’s self-discipline. Follow and live a healthy lifestyle and continue living a life with a positive attitude.