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Your San Luis Obispo Dentist Can Help Your Teeth with Invisalign


It can be a real hassle to stay on top of your dental health, especially if you need corrective positioning for your teeth. There are ostensibly two options when you need to reposition your chompers: braces and invisible aligners. There’s only one clear choice (I will not be apologizing for that pun): if your teeth need to be straightened, you’re going to want to go with the invisible straighteners. The most popular and, indeed, the best of them on the market are made by Invisalign, the company that started it all.

If you live in San Luis Obispo, CA, you have a lot more in the way of options compared to some other places in California. This area is home to a lot of innovation in the industry, and that innovation is entirely to your benefit. If you’ve been considering straightening your teeth, Invisalign might just be right for you. Here’s how you can benefit from clear aligners for your teeth.


They’re Effective


Metal braces will always be a little more effective than clear aligners. The metal construction and adjustability on the fly make them an overall more reliable option, and acknowledging that upfront is not only important for your decision-making, but it would be dishonest to do anything else. However, there are still many advantages to choosing Invisalign style braces than metal ones, as that’s where the advantage of traditional braces ends. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because metal ones are more effective overall that their plastic brothers aren’t excellent choices. As you can see here, they’re effective at treating a wide array of dental problems.

While clinical research into their efficacy is overall limited, what research has been done has shown them to be excellent choices. They’re known to treat dental gaps, overbites, underbites, crossbites, open bites and crowded teeth, as well as general straightening. There are some issues that they can’t fix or treat, issues that would be better suited for more traditional metal options. However, if your dental problems can be fixed with Invisalign, they’re your better option.


How Do They Work


First, your dental professional will create a 3D image of the inside of your mouth. That will allow them to create a custom fit for your invisible braces, which are translucent and fit over your teeth. From there, you keep them on at almost all times, taking them out under only three conditions. You’ll need to remove them when you’re eating, when you’re brushing your teeth, and when you’re cleaning your aligners. Generally, you can expect them to be in your mouth for at least twenty to twenty two hours per day, as you can see at the Invisalign official FAQ at https://www.invisalign.com/frequently-asked-questions. They also note that you can remove them whenever you need to, such as during a job interview or wedding for example.

One of the major advantages, and what draws most people to the style, is that they’re virtually unnoticeable. Your teeth will be corrected while still allowing you to smile with confidence, as most people won’t be able to notice that you’re even wearing them at all. You’ll not only get your smile looking its best, but you’ll be able to smile during the treatment period as well.


What Does Treatment Consist Of?


As stated before, you’ll probably be wearing them for twenty to twenty-two hours daily. That’s really all you need to do; just like traditional braces, the work is being done at all times by them without having to do much of anything on your end. You’ll need to clean them daily, but that’s as much maintenance as you’re going to ever have to worry about. The cleaning process is simple, especially compared to their metal counterparts. You don’t need any special brushes or tools, only a cleaning solution and some water. You’ll need to brush your teeth after every meal (which you should be doing anyway!) to make sure no plaque or food particles get into the interior of the braces, but otherwise you’ll be golden. You will also need to replace them with a new model every few weeks, as they work fast and will align your teeth in no time.