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What You Don’t Know About Fish Oil Can Kill You!

What You Don’t Know About Fish Oil Can Kill You!

Everywhere you look today there is some news or blurb about fish oil. There is a multitude of products on the market and websites with links all over the Internet. And you would think with all this, people would know about this all natural food, and what it can do to improve your life to such an extent, that it may help to save your life!

Sound like a pretty big claim? Sure it does, but the evidence is there to back it up, and from enough different sources that have no political agenda to be believable. And there are enough personal testimonies that reinforce what all the studies, surveys and clinical trials are showing. Are you impressed yet?

What is the biggest threat to your life today from a health standpoint? The answer is, your heart. The number one cause of death in the U.S. today is heart disease. Were you aware of that? It’s not cancer, HIV, smoking or auto accidents. Over 33% of adults over 20 years old have high blood pressure, the number one cause of strokes. More than 80% of those know they have it, but only 15% have it under control.

So let’s say you don’t die from a heart attack, but you have a debilitating stroke that leaves you partially incapacitated. All because you had high blood pressure but it wasn’t under control.

Well, here is a solution and it’s called fish oil! An all natural food that is a natural blood thinner and can even work with other medications to lower blood it does pretty well on its own. What’s even more important is how fish oil addresses the other problems leading to heart failure, like high cholesterol and high triglycerides. By reducing the fat in the blood in effect triglycerides are being reduced, which also helps to thin out the blood.

When there is too much animal fat in the diet the liver produces more triglycerides than the body can handle. Triglycerides are a good thing because they store fat in the body for energy, but this is a case where more is not better. When triglycerides are too high they thicken the blood, making it hard for the heart to pump.

So fish oil, when it is pure, high quality and fresh, and in soft gel form is the easiest way to include it in your diet. And there’s so much more that it can do for anti-ageing, improving the skin, and this is only scratching the surface of what fish oil can do for you.