How Much Do Statins Lower Cholesterol? The Numbers For Statins Are Simply Amazing

In this article titled how much does statins lower cholesterol we will talk a little about statins medications in general and then reveal some eye popping numbers as far as what you can expect in relation to results once you have been utilizing these very powerful cholesterol busting prescription medications for a week or two.

Did you know that the scientifically correct name for the statin category of drugs is HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors? I bet not! You are probably saying, who cares, just give me those stinking numbers so I can go on about my business. In due time, remember good things happen to those who wait.

The word inhibitors is a straightforward term whose meaning is to prevent an action with another action. Reductase, now that is another story. The ase is scientific lingo for enzyme. So we have reductase inhibitor which means a drug that interferes with an enzyme. The CoA stands for coenzyme A and finally HMG stands for beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl-glutaryl-CoA. Put it all together and we come up a prescription medication that reduces the activity of an enzyme needed to turn fats into lipoproteins and cholesterol.

Now let’s move on to our topic of how much does statins lower cholesterol.

Statins currently are the darlings of the medical community. They put a beat down on cholesterol numbers unlike any past medication (with the possible exception of prescription niacin) with their primary benefit being that of reducing bad cholesterol or LDL. The numbers listed stating how much does statins lower cholesterol are based on maximum dosage consider safe by doctors and drug manufacturers.

*Crestor whose generic counterpart Rosuvastatin at a dosage of 40mg has been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol by 63% (no not a misprint).

*Lipitor whose generic counterpart Atorvastatin at a dosage of 89 mg has been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol by 60%.

*Zocor whose generic name is Simvastatin at a dosage of 80 mg has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol by 47%

*Lescol whose generic name is Fluvastatin at a dosage of 80 mg has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol by 36%.

*Mevacor whose generic name is Lovastatin at a dosage of 80mg has been show to lower LDL cholesterol by 42%.

*There are few others as well whose efficacy ranges from 40 to 50 percent they are Pravachol and the statin combo drugs Advicor and Caduet.

Pretty impressive set of numbers! But the very thing that makes statins amazing has also created a great deal of controversy about their safety. Some critics say that failure to supplement statin medications with large amounts of CoQ10 enzyme puts them at risk of cell and muscle death due to the possibility of cholesterol levels plummeting too low, ultimately causing cell death and possibly kidney failure. Nevertheless, most doctors believe these medications to be a safe and effective treatment for high cholesterol and will quickly tell you that their benefits far outweigh any potential risk.

Nevertheless, muscle pain, the risk of muscle death and ultimately kidney failure has driven many to natural cholesterol reducing remedies. If you believe that when asking how much does statins lower cholesterol, the answer is too much, a safe all natural solution for high cholesterol just might be a viable treatment option worth considering.

By Suzana