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Top 10 Tips for Successful Breastfeeding

Top 10 Tips for Successful Breastfeeding

Here are top ten tips for a mother to consider in order to breastfeed successfully.

10. Relax. Think about things that calm you down, or make you feel peaceful. Producing milk requires a lot of energy and it can be exhaustive. So put down the phone book or to-do list and just relax.

9. Anticipate the challenge. At first, this task will be particularly challenging so you have to prepare for the worse.

8. Do not watch the clock. Sometimes it is frustrating to keep a feeding schedule. Just feed your baby whenever he cries or gets hungry.

7. For mothers beginning to breastfeed, try to sip very cold water through a straw. This will help lessen your pain.

6. Make a toolkit for nursing. Use a small bag or a basket and put everything you need in there, so you won’t have to roam around looking for them while nursing.

5. Plan your schedule ahead. This helps when the mother is busy. Finding time to nurse your baby could be difficult, so be sure that you plan your feeding sessions ahead of time.

4. Get company. It also helps if you have someone around to check if the baby is latching properly, or to keep you occupied if you get bored.

3. Use a breast pump. You will not always be there to nurse your baby, so you have to have a stock of breast milk in handy if someone else needed to feed your baby for you.

2. Pure milk. When breastfeeding, make sure that you only use breast milk, and don’t incorporate formula into your baby’s diet.

1. Proper latch. This is best tip for all mothers. To prevent your nipple from getting damaged, or at least, make breastfeeding comfortable, be sure that you know how to get the right latch.