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The Fundamentals of Call Tracking

The Fundamentals of Call Tracking. Call tracking can monitor the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing effort that is prompting your potential customers to call. This might initially seem irrelevant, but gaining insights into how you are discovered by your potential clients can help convert more sales. This can help to improve your marketing budget, recognize the most effective communication channels, and discover the campaign that is generating the most sales.

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Gaining Insights Into Call Tracking For Print Materials And Online Campaigns

You can monitor the calls from your print marketing campaigns. You trigger phone calls from promotions using fliers, business cards, direct mailings, and billboards. Call tracking from printing campaigns is usually very small in scale as it is easy to get individual numbers from every material that can be monitored.

However, online call tracking is more intensive, requires linking with Google Analytics, marketing automation processes, customer relationship management tools, and every other paid advertisement effort. It will provide insights into the best performing keywords for your PPC campaigns and the communications channels that convert better. These metrics can be used to make effective adjustments and improvements in your marketing and advertising efforts.

To fully take advantage of call tracking, you need to discover the area where it meets your business demands. You can think of the spots where you display your corporate phone number both online and offline for a start. It should be on your business cards, ad pages, social media pages, websites, and even in your email signatures. It could also be on the materials of your print mailings that you send out and many more.

To discover how call tracking can be used, outline all the locations where you display your phone number. Create another column where you will later display your phone numbers (this could comprise of paid promotions, websites, or business cards).

These two columns are possibilities. Having your phone numbers currently displayed in different places can help you discover the most effective campaigns.

Multiple Phone Numbers

The simplest method of call tracking is by obtaining multiple phone numbers. Multiple numbers are also offered by many call tracking providers. These multiple numbers can be utilized for as many campaigns as possible. You can always use a specific phone number for every campaign you start. For instance, a radio campaign. Therefore, each call you get will indicate that the call was due to the radio campaign.

Avoid overdoing it. Although it is important to understand the source of your calls, it can easily get out of hand. It can be hard to generate relevant data if you purchase too many numbers and are positioned everywhere. Search engines can become confused by these multiple phone numbers. It will be difficult to recognize the legitimacy of your business. We suggest that only one phone number is utilized on major platforms such as Facebook, Google, Yelp, and your website.

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Setting Up Call Tracking

Call tracking can be easily performed by checking your dashboard where your phone numbers are managed. This method is also suitable for small-sized businesses with little demands. Events in Google Analytics with PPC ads can be implemented to cater for a robust requirement.

How to obtain additional phone numbers?

Several available options will match your requirement irrespective of your phone number provider.

Call tracking agencies also offer phone numbers. Some of the popular call tracking agencies are CallRail, IfbyPhone, and CallFire. Phone number forwarding services are also offered by Bing Ads and Google AdWords.

It is quite obvious that purchasing phone numbers for various purposes is quite straightforward. But what about conversions? There is a high probability that a sale will be generated from every phone call more than other communication channels which makes it important to discover the source of the phone call and the ones generating more sales.

For instance, an audience that calls after reading material on your website will most likely convert than a phone from someone who reads an advert on a billboard. You can use this information to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly by focusing more on your content rather than billboard ads or change the appearance of your billboard ads.

Improving Sales and Conversion with Call Tracking

Optimizing your sales and conversion is obviously better than just tracking them. After purchasing a few numbers that have been integrated into Google Analytics or any other preferred service, you can simply optimize your sales and conversions. We have outlined these procedures into five basic steps.

Step 1: Determine the source of the calls

Are you receiving calls from your Yelp pages or email newsletters? The least you can do is to discover the source of your calls. If your calls are originating from a particular region or city, it is a target that is worth your PPC effort where you can use the local number in that region. Facebook targeting ads can be used to test this out. This can also be performed offline through region-specific radio ads, events in the area, billboards, and direct mail flyers.


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