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Continuation: The Fundamentals of Call Tracking


Step 2: Determine the call quality

Discover the communication channel generating the highest call quality. Probably the calls from your billboards last longer than the calls from your PPC efforts but don’t generate many sales. Low-quality leads or amateur sales reps might be the reason behind the low sales. Call scoring can be used to determine the performance of your sales reps.

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Step 3: Evaluate and look for reasons

After discovering the source and the quality of the calls, evaluate the results, and find the reason. Discover the reason potential customers who discover your business will likely call you than those who discover your business through the Google search or PPC.

Step 4:  Consider Solutions

How do you improve the current situation? Consider different methods of improvement with the knowledge you gathered. This might give you a long list of efforts to implement.

Step 5: Introduce new solutions and repeat the process

Adjust your advertising and marketing efforts accordingly and repeat the process. Check to see if these modifications are beneficial.

Call Tracking For A Sales Team

Sales teams can also benefit from call tracking as it helps them to discover what does and doesn’t produce results. Call tracking can also be used by sales managers to discover the number of calls that are received from the resources offered to each sales representative, for instance, a specific phone number can be offered to every salesperson that can be introduced in their business card or email signature.

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It can also be used to discover the number of calls and call length a sales rep has made using that specific phone number as well as the conversions from these phone calls.

Sales reps can be offered more than one phone number. Call tracking equipped with sales tools like Sugar CRM and Salesforce is the best option for a more robust system.

Taking advantage of lead and call scoring for improved conversion.

Your sales will reduce when your sales reps are not performing well on the phone. Knowing the call quality can help you discover areas that can increase your rate of conversion.


How would you determine the performance of a phone call?

Some sales reps can use scorecards to determine a call quality. A series of questions are filled after every call to guarantee that the call was completed at an optimum level. A customized scorecard that will be filled can be created to determine a call quality. A custom scorecard that offers many uses has been created.

This is also similar to lead scoring. Your sales rep must examine the quality of the caller to discover if it is a potential lead. Monitoring your calls will help you discover the effectiveness of your marketing efforts in relation to generating quality clients.

You should ask yourself

  • Are these potential customers ready (very close to being ready) to make a purchase?
  • Is the potential customer aware of the financial specification?
  • Is the individual you are conversing with the decision-maker for the purchase?

Don’t be deceptive. Give answers according to the words of the leads and not from intuition.

After filling up the scorecards, examine the trends. You can use tools like LogMyCalls to automatically implement this or perform them manually using Excel.

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