The Fibre-Cholesterol Connection – Live a Healthy Life

There is huge connection between fiber and cholesterol. Lowering your cholesterol level would mean to get the help from fibers. Fiber is the best thing to lower your cholesterol level. High fiber intake in your diet would surely ensure lowering the level of cholesterol in your body.

The question is why is it essential to intake fiber in your diet for our body? The answer to this is that cholesterol binds itself with fiber in the intestines as a result of which it is eliminated from the body easily. Along with the removal of cholesterol from the body, fiber also removes salts secreted by bile. To maintain its proportion in the body, the liver is stimulated to produce more of it. Hence, high fiber in our diet serves this purpose by stimulating the liver to absorb cholesterol from blood.

Nutrients that we consume, and the level of stress you handle everyday, judges the level of cholesterol in our body. High intake of cholesterol in our diet increases the level of cholesterol in blood. The quantity of cholesterol is high in dairy products, oily food, alcohol, white rice, wheat bread, etc.

Healthy person includes fibers which are soluble, in their diet and includes exercising daily. Such people do consume food with high level of cholesterol, but for them it is the liver that acts as a safeguard and it helps them maintaining the level of cholesterol in the blood. Medically, when a healthy person intakes cholesterol at a higher level, the required amount of it is absorbed by the cells of our body leaving the rest to be excreted.

Person leading a lazy life tends to deal with the side effects of consuming high level of cholesterol. This results in increase of the level of cholesterol in the blood..

As suggested we should consume 20g of soluble fiber in our diet. The best sources for soluble fibers are vegetables, fruits and sorts of nuts (highly recommended). Though nuts contain huge amount of fats its high fiber content helps in lowering the level of cholesterol

It’s highly recommended to consume high fiber diet in order to lower your cholesterol level.

By Suzana