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Most People Have the Healing Product in Their Pantry

Most People Have the Healing Product in Their Pantry

Honey is such a widely used product which is produced by insect and it is simply amazing as to how many ways honey can be used. When most people think of honey they relate it to their breakfast. When they get up in the morning and have a piece of toast to their coffee they like to spread honey on their toast and that is certainly a lovely way to enjoy honey.

You will find a jar of honey in the pantry of most households but not everyone is aware of all the ways you can use honey for your well being. Did you know that honey is not only a delightfully sweet tasting product but it also has the possibility to act as a healing product that can be used for some of the following purposes?

CholesterolHoney may serve as a natural means of reducing cholesterol levels. The popular combination of honey and cinnamon has been used to reduce cholesterol levels. One-course states that a combination of two tablespoons of honey and three of powdered cinnamon dissolved in sixteen ounces of tea water can almost instantly reduce cholesterol levels by ten percent.

Using honey with food as part of a healthy diet can also decrease cholesterol levels in many people. Obviously, honey is not a replacement for exercise, dietary changes and the use of other physician-prescribed treatments for those suffering from elevated cholesterol levels. However, it can be used as one approach in many strategies to prevent cholesterol-related disease.

Bladder InfectionAn effective combination of cinnamon and honey has been used to combat bladder infections. The antibacterial properties of honey seem well suited to destroy the germs responsible for bladder infections. Two tablespoons of cinnamon powder and a teaspoon of honey dissolved in a glass of lukewarm water is a well-known folk remedy for bladder infection.

Burns For serious burns seek immediate professional medical assistance straight away. But less serious burns are treatable with honey. Not only does honey do a good job of decreasing the pain associated with burns, it also assists in encouraging healing. This is not just a matter of folklore and tradition, either. Reports in academic publications, including the Journal of the American Medical Association have advocated the use of honey.

If you have a burn and want to use honey as a healing, apply a small amount of the raw product lightly over the affected area. You can then cover the honey with a dressing of gauze or a similar sterile material. So when you have your crispy piece of toast spread with honey in the morning you will know the honey is contributing to your health.