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Reduce Cholesterol and Live Longer

Reduce Cholesterol and Live Longer

You know, high cholesterol affects both men and women, at any age, and is one of the primary causes of heart attack, stroke and blood clots. In some cases, sadly, death is the outcome. That is why, it is so important, to try to, not only reduce cholesterol, but put a lifestyle change in place to keep it lowered and balanced.

And before you rush off to your doctor, let me tell you, that prescription cholesterol lowering medications are not the answer. If you are in the very high risk category for heart disease, and only a stones throw away from a heart attack, then yes, taking prescribed medication at the start, will reduce cholesterol levels.

However, do not assume this as the long term solution to high cholesterol. It is not. Those medications, while certainly lowering cholesterol, have severe adverse side effects, one of which is liver damage.

To reduce cholesterol, let’s start with diet. Foods high in soluble fibre, like oatmeal, oat bran, peas, beans, berries etc., work very effectively at lowering cholesterol.

Try to limit your intake of foods high in saturated fats, like dairy products and red meats. This includes foods like cheese, cakes, biscuits, pork, beef, lamb, butter etc. These must be taken in moderation only.

Another thing to look at, is changing the way you cook. Where possible, grill, bake or poach instead of frying.

Exercise is another great way to reduce cholesterol. Did you know, that taking a short walk, four times a week, can lower cholesterol? Try to include some exercise and stick to it for long term gains.

In an age of fast food, processed foods, frozen foods etc., we are not getting the necessary nutrients that our bodies need, to ward off diseases, and keep us healthy and strong. Thankfully, alternative medicine has come on tremendously over the last decade.

Alternative medicine offers us the opportunity to reduce cholesterol naturally through consuming a quality, proven, natural supplement, enriched with natural nutrients, which nature provides to combat high cholesterol, among other things.

Adding a recommended, quality natural cholesterol lowering supplement to your daily routine, will not only enhance your life, but could save it.

So, go ahead, give yourself every chance to reduce cholesterol, ward of heart disease, and generally increase your health and well being.