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Protect Your Heart With These 4 Super Foods That Increase HDL Cholesterol

Protect Your Heart With These 4 Super Foods That Increase HDL Cholesterol

If you suffer from high bad cholesterol Levels then you should seriously consider raising your HDL good cholesterol levels as this is essential to reducing your risk of getting heart disease such as heart attack or a stroke.

We all know that food is essential to staying healthy; however the type of food you eat can either negatively or positively affect your body. If you can identify and eat foods that will help improve your HDL then that would be the best gift you could give yourself. Being healthy is such a rarity these days, so if you can keep your body in good health you would be one lucky person.

Eating foods to raise your HDL levels will help you prevent having to struggle with bad high cholesterol. What HDL does is prevent the bad cholesterol (LDL) from accumulating in the walls of your arteries and takes it back to your liver where it can be removed from your body.

Learning about foods to build HDL is essential for proper body functions and giving you a healthy, longer life.

Here are some foods that can increase your HDL cholesterol:

Salmon: This is a fatty fish that is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which helps to control blood cholesterol levels by raising HDL thereby keeping LDL levels lowered. Fatty fish such as tuna, mackerel, sardines. If you do not tolerate eating fish you could try taking a pure fish oil supplement that will give you all the benefits. Omega3 fish oil is also extremely important for proper development and normal growth.

Cranberry Juice: Because cranberry juice is rich in flavonoids which gives it plenty of antioxidant properties it is very essential if you want to raise your HDL cholesterol Studies have shown that drinking cranberry juice daily is good for you and can help raise HDL by up to 8%.

Olive Oil: Have you ever heard of monounsaturated fats? It is one of the fats that are good for you and are recommended by health professionals to be included in your diet. Olive oil is a good source of this type of fat as is canola, sunflower and avocado oils.

Chocolate: Cocoa powder contains polypohenols, it is used to make chocolate and is very useful in protecting your heart form high cholesterol that can cause damage. You can alter the fatty acid make-up of LDL cholesterol with the fatty acid of chocolate which gives it more resistance to oxidation which can lead to further damage If not treated effectively.

So if you can incorporate these healthy foods in your diet on a daily basis you will significantly reduce your chance of having a heart attack by increasing your HDL. However sometimes it is not entirely possible to get all the protection from the foods you eat alone, and that is why I am recommending a natural cholesterol lowering supplement containing high levels of natural substances that will help lower bad cholesterol and raise your good cholesterol level.

Taking safe and effective supplements along with eating the right types of food and exercising will surely add many years to your life while at the same time keeping you healthy,.