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Consume These Foods to Lower Your Cholesterol

Consume These Foods to Lower Your Cholesterol

Thousands of people from all over the world die each year from cardiovascular disease. The causes of the most dangerous ones like heart attacks and strokes are many, but one of the most serious ones is the high cholesterol. This substance blocks the arteries and reduces the normal blood flow through them. The blood vessels become narrower and actually less elastic as well. You can always take medications to deal with this problem, but you can effectively reduce your cholesterol easily by eating specific foods.

Scientists have discovered that fiber can effectively battle the LDL or the bad cholesterol. This nutrient is contained in a number of foods, but some of them have it in larger quantities and have other health and heart benefits in particular. The black beans are rich in fiber, but also in antioxidants. Having these tasty legumes cooked in a different ways can improve the condition of your blood vessels and reduce the effects of aging on cellular level. You can also have tofu and soy dishes. The whole grains can also be abundantly present on your table. The oatmeal in particular is extremely beneficial.

You can have a great salad with some carrots that contain plenty of soluble fiber. The walnuts and almonds also contain large amounts of this cholesterol lowering nutrient. The essential thing that you have to keep in mind is to eat them raw. These nuts are great for a snack as well as for salad dressings. There are some fruit that can also be plentiful in your diet like the apples, oranges and kiwis that contain fiber pectin in sufficiently large amounts. Generally, almost all types of fruit do, so you can readily have them for breakfast, as snacks or as delicious desserts.

The way you cook your food is also important for the effective lowering of cholesterol. This substance is less likely to build up if you use oils that contain unsaturated fats for preparing your meals. The extra virgin olive oil is considered to be the most beneficial for you, but the flaxseed and canola ones are quite good as well. In any case, it is best to reduce the use of these ingredients when cooking.

You can also have specific drinks that reduce the LDL. The green tea has been proven to have such a positive effect plus it is rich in antioxidants. A glass of red wine a day will increase the level of the good HDL cholesterol and supply your body with resveratrol. This chemical compound is known to have beneficial anti-aging effects.