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Where You Can Find Healthy Food Sources of Good Cholesterol

Where You Can Find Healthy Food Sources of Good Cholesterol

If you have been given a diagnosis by your physician that your cholesterol is too high there is something you can do to improve it. Through proper diet and nutrition, you can make sure that your next doctor’s visit is a success. There are many healthy food sources of good cholesterol that you can consume that will not only make you healthier, but lower your overall ratio.

If you eat a large amount of meat in your diet then you will need to cut back. Meat contains a large proportion of triglycerides that are harmful to your diet. A better alternative is seafood, mainly fish. Cold water fish like salmon, and sardines contain omega 3. These are good cholesterol sources which you can eat. Not only are they high in good cholesterol, but if you bake them or steam them they low in calories as well.

For chocolate lovers everywhere you are in luck. Dark chocolate contains healthy levels of good cholesterol. Make sure that it is dark though and not milk chocolate. The milk and higher sugar content of milk chocolate are not a benefit for those with high cholesterol. You should try to consume no more than 70 grams a day.

Nuts are high in fat, but this fat is one of the healthy food sources of good cholesterol. The best nuts to eat are walnuts, flaxseeds, and Brazil nuts. If you have to choose just one nut then pick walnuts. They are the highest source of good cholesterol. You only need to eat a handful of these each day to be effective.

If you use oils while you are cooking your foods, you should switch to those that are high in good cholesterol. Olive oil, and canola oil are two such examples that you can substitute in your cooking. If you’ve never used them before the taste may be different, but not unpleasant. You will find that it doesn’t take long before you won’t notice the difference.

Eggs have been given a bad reputation. They are however an excellent healthy food source of good cholesterol. You simply need to make sure that the cooking method used doesn’t add fat to it. So that means you can’t fry it. A boiled or poached egg is a great way to enjoy this food.

If you have high cholesterol, then you can take healthy measures by eating foods that raise the HDL cholesterol levels in your body. This will improve your overall health and combat the bad cholesterol that you might consume. Just eat a few of the above foods will get you a lower cholesterol level without the use of prescription drugs.