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What is a Criminal Lawyer?

What is a criminal lawyer? A question that many users of this type of Lawyer are now asking, it is no longer enough to be merely a lawyer, but each different way of transgressing the law requires a specialized professional to defend or accuse the parties involved. Ask Muskogee County criminal court for more information.

A criminal lawyer is a professional who, having been trained in the field of law, is qualified to act as an intermediary in cases related to Criminal Law.

How to choose the best criminal lawyer?

Of course, the best criminal lawyer in Spain is the one you can find in our Law Firm in Madrid, but not because we say so, but because it is contrasted with the cases won by our Law Firm, you just have to ask us.

What norms govern Criminal Law?

Before continuing with the explanation of what a criminal lawyer is, let’s examine the rules that make up Criminal Law. This branch of law is punitive, which means that it imposes penalties and security measures for crimes.

A crime is understood to be actions or omissions of these that are punishable by law. For the purposes of regulating Criminal Law, there are two rules:

Penal Code

Penal Code: within this group of legal norms of the State are all the possible penalties that a person who commits a crime can receive. Here you will find the actions that are called crimes and the penalty that each of them receives, which vary from paying a fine to spending time in prison. A criminal lawyer is the one who interprets this code.

Criminal Procedure Law

Criminal Procedure Law: this rule covers the actions that the law takes against crimes and misdemeanors. The one that remains in force to this day is the one approved in December 1872. A criminal lawyer will guide you in this regard.

What to expect from a criminal lawyer?

Suppose a situation occurs that deserves to be taken to court for your benefit.

How do you proceed? This is a typical case in which we cannot do without a criminal lawyer?