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Visiting an Urgent Care Can Help You Feel Well Faster

You know when you are getting sick. You may start your week out feeling a little bit under the weather. Perhaps you are a little tired or suffering from a dull stomach ache. As the week progresses you may up your vitamins, turn to healthier food choices and try to get a bit more sleep. Sometimes these tactics work great and by Thursday or Friday you are feeling much better. Sometimes the virus has to run its course and nothing except antibiotics will help alleviate your symptoms. What do you do if you have given the virus the week and it is now Saturday morning and you feel absolutely miserable? You may attempt to call your doctor and try to make an appointment. A lot of doctors only work select weekends and have limited Saturday hours. You do not want to feel worse or end up in an emergency room, so your next option is a twenty-four-hour urgent care. If you are looking for cold treatments San Bernardino CA and cities all across the United States have twenty four hour clinics with licensed doctors and nurses who can help diagnose and treat your symptoms.

If you are at the point in your cold that you need to visit a twenty-four-hour urgent care you still have some options. Usually you will have a few local to you. Look up the address and phone number for all of your local urgent care locations. It is best to actually have this information printed and handy so when you do get sick you won’t have to research at all. Call around and find out which one has the shortest wait time. During the flu season it is not uncommon to experience higher than normal wait times. If you are fortunate enough to live near two or three urgent care locations, you can then visit the one with the shortest wait time. When you are sick and feeling miserable the last thing you want to do is wait any longer than necessary in a waiting room. If you are running a temperature, feeling dizzy or having stomach troubles you may want to find a friend, neighbor or family member to drive you. Driving while actively sick is risky and you would not want to end up in an accident.

There are some situations where an urgent care is not the right place to visit. If you are experience shortness of breath, chest pains, faintness or a reaction to a medication you will want to bypass the twenty-four-hour urgent care and either call for an ambulance or get a ride to a emergency room at a hospital. If you show up to an urgent care with these symptoms they will most likely call an ambulance for you. Urgent cares are excellent at diagnosing illnesses and performing minor diagnostic tests, but they do not have surgical units or all of the equipment that actual hospitals have. After your visit at the urgent care follow up with your primary care physician so they are aware that you received medical treatment.