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Top 10 haircare tips

Irrespective of the hair type, certain haircare tips are universal. While you may want to tailor your haircare routine, the basics of hair care are the same. Read on to learn the top 10 haircare tips to take better care of your tresses.

  1. Wash with lukewarm water

Scalding showers might be relaxing. But too-hot-to-touch water can essentially strip your hair of essential oils. This can leave your hair dry and dull. Lukewarm water can get your hair clean, without being harsh on it.

  1. Condition correctly

Are you sure you’re using your hair conditioner the right way? Conditioner only needs to be applied on certain sections of your hair. Don’t apply it near your roots. Apply it from mid-lengths to ends. Distribute the conditioner through your hair with a wide-tooth comb. It can help detangle your hair.

  1. Concentrate shampoo on the scalp

Shampoo should be concentrated on the scalp. Washing only the ends of your hair can strip strands of their moisture and can cause them to become dull and dry. Your scalp produces oil and continually sheds skin cells. Hence, it is the area that really needs cleansing. So, keep your efforts focused on your scalp when you shampoo.

  1. Use a wide-tooth comb on wet hair

Wet hair breaks more easily when brushed. Therefore, it is wise to use a wide-tooth comb when untangling damp or wet hair. Be as gentle as possible while doing so.

  1. Don’t dry off using a towel

A towel seems like the obvious way to remove excess water, right? But it may not be what’s best. Squeeze out excess water and then dry off with an old cotton T-shirt. It is gentler than a towel. While drying, do not rub the hair. This weakens the hair follicle and makes the hair brittle.

  1. Shield your strands from UV rays

Exposing your hair to too much sunlight can damage the hair shaft. That’s why it’s recommended to cover up with a hat if you’re outside for a long time.

  1. Only straighten and curl dry hair

You know what happens when you drop water into a hot pan, right? You don’t want the same to happen to your hair. That’s why you shouldn’t use a curling iron or hair straightener when your strands are wet or even just a little damp. It’s worth the wait to let your hair dry completely.

  1. Trim your split ends

As much as you care for your hair and keep it healthy by following various tips, split ends are unavoidable. When you wash your hair more than required, the hair follicles can lose their natural moisture. This leaves your locks dry and brittle. This causes split ends. It’s recommended to trim them at the first sign.

  1. Give strands a break from ponytails

Ponytails are a classic for a reason. It’s really convenient as it sweeps all of your hair off your face. Still, this doesn’t mean they’re right for 100% of the time. Pulling your hair up every day can put unnecessary strain on your tresses. Try wearing your hair down more often. Or try lower and looser ponytails using softer hair ties that won’t pinch.

  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Cotton pillowcases can absorb your haircare products and be harsh on your hair strands. Switch to a silk or satin pillowcase and prevent hair damage.

Homeopathy for hair growth

Homeopathy remedies are selected and customized for you based on your case history. Homeopathy efficiently treats the fundamental cause of hair loss like anemia, thyroid etc. This helps in hair fall control. Homeopathy forms the main line of hair growth treatment. It can be supplemented with various other treatment options listed below for further enhancement.

  • Hair Vitalizing Treatment (HVT)

HVT is a US-FDA approved hair growth therapy. It reduces hair breakage. In this hair growth treatment, a low-level laser helmet is placed on the scalp for a period of 20 minutes. You can see results in 5 weeks. It has a success rate of 90% (as authenticated by the US-based agency American Quality Assessors (AQA)).

  • STM Cell Treatment

This South Korean innovation to grow your hair naturally, repairs hair tissue. This method triggers hair growth with negligible or no pain. This procedure takes 60 minutes once a week. You can see results in 6 weeks. It has a success rate of 88% (as authenticated by the AQA).

  • GroHAIR Treatment

This French technology is based on a Nobel Prize winning innovation. This is India’s first non-invasive hair growth treatment. This treatment strengthens the hair’s keratin tissue. It brings the amino acids and vitamins necessary for hair growth up to the hair root. This procedure takes 30 minutes once a week. This hair growth treatment is convenient and you can observe results in 5 weeks. It has a success rate of 77% (as authenticated by the AQA).


Being focused on patient care and well-being, patients are at the core of everything that the Dr Batra’s™ hair specialists do. And that’s why they have been able to achieve a patient satisfaction rate of 96.6% (as authenticated by the AQA). If you’re concerned about your hair, visit your nearest hair clinic and talk to a homeopathic doctor. Depending on the cause of hair fall, he/she might be able to recommend medication for hair growth.