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Things to Avoid While Breastfeeding

Things to Avoid While Breastfeeding

There are some things that a breastfeeding mother should avoid during this time because not only will these things affect the baby, but they will also help in the enjoyment of sharing in this little one’s life and he/she in ours. Some of these things are:

Tight Bras

It is always important to wear the correct brassiere and this is even more pressing when it comes to supplying milk for our little ones. It has been said by someone who is in the business of selling bras, that a woman may have worn a particular size for many years, but in fact, it may not be the right one for her.

Due to the fact that our breasts enlarge during pregnancy and since we will be or is breastfeeding, we will need pads to soak up any milk that escapes. Therefore, with these two, that is, enlargement and the pads, our current bras may be too small and usually, during this time, if they are tight they can contribute to engorgement and this could trigger a high temperature.

Alcohol and Smoking

This is not anything new and that is, alcohol and smoking should be avoided during this time because alcohol can be transfer to the milk and although we may not smoke around the baby, the smoke can cling to our hair, clothing etc. Therefore, with the baby being so closed to us, they will inhale the smoke.


Pepper should also be avoided during this time because it can cause the little one tremendous discomfort for a few hours. He/she will cry out and will put his/her body in positions that we did not thought was possible and seeing him/her in such agony, is not worth eating our food with pepper.

Prescribed and Non Prescribed Drugs

Before taking any drugs, it is always wiser to talk with a doctor or a pharmacist. It is also best to avoid any drugs during this time because they can put the child’s health at risk. Yes, it can and do travel to the milk and thereby into the child’s body.

If we are going to take any over the counter medication, we should always read the instructions carefully.

Herbal Items

Before using any herbal products, have a talk with your doctor about it and although opinions are divided on this, get the facts before moving forward. Additionally, talk with other Moms about it and see what you can learn from their experience.

I can remember drinking a cup of herbal tea shortly before going to bed once and that night, when the baby woke up, I breastfeed him as usual and after that, it was two or three hours before he went back to sleep.

As usual, he had woken up, announced that he was hungry and with every mouthful he took his eyes suddenly seem to become wider and wider and by the time he was full, he decided that it was playtime and not sleep time anymore. I just couldn’t understand it. I thought that he was never going to go back to sleep, but eventually he did and after putting two and two together, I concluded that it was the herbal tea.