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The Two Ways To Lower Cholesterol

The Two Ways To Lower Cholesterol

When people find themselves facing the challenge of lowering there cholesterol, they go looking for answers on how to change it. After just spending a few minuets on the internet they will get bombarded with hundreds of how to guides. Each of which give a different exact formulas, and the perfect solution. But after talking to many of these people on what ended up working for them they all said “by eating right.”

However, before you can fully change your cholesterol levels it is important to know what cholesterol is and what it does in your body. Most people think that any cholesterol is bad cholesterol, but this is not true at all. Your body needs certain levels of cholesterol to function. It is just when you get to much in your system that your body will start to store. Cholesterol is a wax-like fat and when there is to much in your body it causes major problems in your blood stream. If your body ends up storing to much it tends to store it in your arteries which can then lead to heart disease. These extra deposits will build up a lining in your artery walls and cause them to close in tighter so less blood is flowing freely and creating a high blood pressure.

When you are fighting against high cholesterol levels you are basically fighting against low-density lipoprotein also called the bad cholesterol. As well as your overall goal is to rise up your high-density lipoprotein which will fight off the effects of the bad cholesterol. So this then brings up the question how do I do this?

Today there are two main methods to lower cholesterol. There is the natural way, (which I stress is the best way) as well as the medical approach. Each of these have there pros and cons, but I would argue that opting for the natural approach you will gain more health benefits.

The natural approach is really nothing more than changing your diet and living a healthier lifestyle. I found this to be easier said than done in my life but it you are determined to change your cholesterol and live a better longer life you can do it. By changing your food portions around or opting for different leaner meats you can drastically alter your health.

Now it does not just end there, you need to get active. By being active you are working your body more than it is use to. In doing this your body will start to use up stored fat cells, which in turn will start fighting your LDL levels. By taking the natural approach to fighting high cholesterol, you are taking charge of your health and by doing so you will have the mindset to make a permeate change.

On the other hand, there is the medical approach to lowering cholesterol. I stress that this method should only be taken in extreme cases. By this I mean when a person is at risk of hear disease, or high blood pressure. By taking medication it can lead to many different side affects as well as not change your cholesterol levels at all. With that being said, you should not count on the medication being the be all and end all of your high cholesterol. It should simply be seen as a supplement to the natural ways of lowering your LDL levels.

Lowering cholesterol is not always the easiest thing to do however it can be done. However, when you achieve your goal it is a liberating feeling. I fought against my high cholesterol for years before I took the true lifestyle change and told myself I could do it. I know that you can as well, so take it from me and change your life today and start living a healthier happier life today!