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The Story of Seafolly Swimwear

The Story of Seafolly Swimwear

Seafolly Swimwear is one of the most popular swimwear brands in Australia. You have probably bought a few swimsuits or accessories from Seafolly Swimwear, but what you might not know is their interesting story.

The story of Seafolly Swimwear is unlike their main competition. Normally, we are more interested in how the clothes look and not necessarily in the history behind how and why these clothes are made. Seafolly swimwear is much more than just an Australian swimwear brand, it has its own unique history.

Feeling the Oceanic Vibe of Seafolly Swimwear

When you hear the brand Seafolly, you shouldn’t think it, you should feel it. Seafolly is environmentally conscious and wants to bring you much more than great bathing suit designs.

This company offers a breath of life in its unique designs. Whether you are a tiny tot or an adult, ITs has something special for most shapes and sizes. The designers at Seafolly know Australia and they understand nature. That is why when you put on one if their swimwear designs, you can be miles away from Australia and its beaches, but you can still feel the good vibes of the Australian culture as you put on their bathers.

The Centre of Seafolly Swimwear

There is a reason why Its has been one of the most popular and in-demand swimsuit lines in Australia and in production since 1975; they understand swimwear. The designers live, breathe and worship swimwear, so they are able to show you relaxation or escaping to an exotic destination with one of their innovative swimwear designs.

As they say themselves, the staff and designers are the biggest customers and fans of this brilliant line of swimwear. They know from first hand what works and what does not. They know when their philosophy is present in their clothes and when it is lost.

Seafolly swimwear has set the standards high and seems to be exceeding them every single day.

Seafolly Swimwear Designs Taking Over the World

If you walk into any swimwear boutique or major department store, you will inevitably find some of the greatest fashion lines from Its. Seafolly makes swimwear designs for women in their Seafolly Ladies collection, for young girls in their Seafolly Girl collection and for boys and men in their Tiger Joe collection. The story of Its is present in each design as the designers bring the essence of Australian life and summer alive in each swimwear piece.

Bold colours, unique designs and contrasting textures are all characteristics that you will find when you shop for Its. This Australian swimwear brand sells all of types of fun in the sun needs such as bikinis, swimwear trunks, cover ups, one piece swimsuits and accessories such as sunglasses, bags, towels and flip flops.