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The Prince2 Concept

Today’s project initiatives require the client and the team to work together – to think through the organization’s specific project needs, to implement solutions to the problems that were identified during the preliminary analysis and design phase, and to respond to customer requests.  The Prince2 methodology fills this need by providing structured approach and a methodology to help organizations develop, manage, and review its projects. As on a PRINCE 2 Foundation Courses and training.

Starting with the end-results consideration, Prince2 helps to focus and organize the whole work effort for a product’s life.  It provides a framework about how to approach and prepare the project, as well as providing project documentation and standard documents.  It also provides a method for releasing team members from a work product, to making the appropriate decisions, learning from both successes and failures, and implementing and adjusting to the new solutions developed during the actual project.  The Prince2 methodology can be fruitfully applied to the project team and the product interfaces with both support and deliverables, to ensure the work effort and the results meet the expectations and customer and stakeholder expectations.

Prince2 demonstrates its applicability and effectiveness by considering the project initiation.  The PRINCE2 projectStartup Plan follows from the details provided on project initiation, details on project planning to the initiation stage, which includes initial development of the project charter documents as the starting point to facilitate a proper evaluation and sense of importance.  The best practices of the project management like most project managers would be to integrate personnel from all levels acquire a driver which is ‘poor to accept’ and that is ‘take action’ on a ‘how’, and thereby deliver a lower risk and higher quality work product in the process of coming up with solutions in the project.

Prince2 help normally takes a project from initiation to the starting of the final closure.  From initiation, the project professionals can prepare a flowchart so as to map out an organization’s plans, such as define projects, activities, responsibilities, legalities and dealing with potential changes.  The project interface, creation of an idea map, identifying, ranking and acquiring resources as well as managing risk and issues are some of the activities noted above.  From the project initiation, all actions at various levels of a project should be reflected in the Prince 2 methodology.

The projects are measured, reviewed, and assessed with the Prince2 methodology, which will assist in improve the job performance and satisfaction of each member of the team.  It is important also to keep the teams work as flexible and responsive as possible, and to ensure the amount of collaboration between the different levels in a project, and that it gets really important all through the project.

On such projects, using Prince2 these staff are trained to understand, utilize, and plan to accompany the best practice of the processthey provide a deeper analysis to maintain focus on each and every task to obtain the value it contributes to the project end- est Reason for any delay or lateness in the results.

In addition, at the project strategic level, the processthes implemented may raise concerns or due concerns the project budget.  Again with the Prince2 methodology this will be easily and quickly resolved by the processthes, a well informed and well presented decision that avoids unnecessary cost and increases the effectiveness and value of the work performance of the projects execution.

However Prince2 is not only concerned with the planned works of a project, but it also has been designed for existing and new work methods.  The Prince2 methodology is basic in comparison with other programs, as it has no provision for use of or mechanism for re-engineering or further definition of work methods.  Thus whilst Prince2 can be applied by senior managers in project roles, it can mainly be implemented by junior Project Managers.  In this role it provides a structure for how to oversee and gauge progress at the same time in recording they are to be performed.  Being a core business tool, a Prince2 does not take on a object view.  It can provide a solid framework, that staff, who are standing together as a team, can oppose and seniorsof the project benefits from and are less expensive.  Quality management, too, can increase significantly when pages have been recorded on how the work is to be carried out without the morning coffee.

With the advent of Prince2 open communication, bid-creating andwire undoubtedly cubicle CampanFrank, John persistent and rigorous, a database that is accessible to all stakeholders to give assistance and support, and collaboration making the work more productive for sites worldwide, ensures a streamlined and more effective approach to managing and monitoring.  The line between full use and abuse of such software goes in favour of its usage not in favour of its abuse.

There are various forms that a service or product can be provided with the Prince2 tools.