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Simple yet Effective Diabetic Foot Care Tips

Simple yet Effective Diabetic Foot Care Tips. Foot ulcers are one of the serious effects of diabetes disease. This kind of complication certainly gets worse if not handled properly. You surely need to know the right diabetic foot care. Don’t let this problem spread because it will damage your bones. The effect of poor blood circulation aggravates ulcers in your legs. According to this issue, you must be more aware of your foot health. To prevent more serious problems, follow the tips below.

Routinely Check the Condition of Your Feet

Diabetics are strongly advised to check feet regularly. There are a number of problems that may occur such as cracked skin, blisters, and even swelling. However, not all parts of the foot are easy to reach. Therefore, you need to use a mirror to find out the problem. If this is still ineffective, ask your family for help. But if you encounter a serious problem, consult with a specialist doctor.

Wear Diabetic Footwear

Wearing diabetic friendly footwear products is very necessary. Besides doing foot inspections, we must also support our feet with suitable products. Socks made for diabetics become a must-have item to buy. Whether you are inside or outside, never try to go barefoot. However, you must pay attention to several aspects including the model and material of socks. Make sure the product you buy is comfortable to wear in the correct size. Don’t choose the wrong size because it can reduce blood circulation.

Do Low Impact Exercises

Besides focusing on the feet, we also need to pay attention to overall body health. You can do some exercises to maintain your health. Since not all types of exercise are suitable for foot complications, you need to choose low impact exercises. Swimming and brisk walking are examples that don’t put much pressure on your feet. In supporting your exercise, remain yourself to wear comfortable shoes.