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Should I Breastfeed My Premature Baby?

Should I Breastfeed My Premature Baby?

Breast is always best, but when it comes to breastfeeding a specials needs infant, breast is essential.

Whether your baby is premature, has lactose intolerance, sucking problems, low blood sugar, has a cleft palate or even down syndrome… your baby needs the added benefits that breast milk can offer.

Many premature babies that are breastfed, have been found to have a more stable heart beat and warmer body temperature compared to those who are not breastfed.

Not only does breast milk give that extra comfort needed, baby is protected from further infections, and viruses which could make life all the harder for him/her. Breast milk contains antibodies that are not found in any formula, the antibodies that fight infections in mom’s body are transferred to baby via the breast milk.

A mom that has a special needs baby may have encountered a lot of negativity around the subject of breastfeeding. A friend of mine was discouraged at breastfeeding her twins, just because people are uneducated and have not seen many moms accomplish this, but there are many success stories out there, even from those in the most bleak circumstances.

Yes, it might be more difficult to breastfeed your baby, and yes, you may need to supplement as well, but any amount of breast milk is precious and can even save a baby’s life.

Please before making such an important decision, read more on the benefits of breastfeeding. Nursing baby will benefit mom as well, the release of feel good hormones while breastfeed will calm mom and baby, help for a better bonding experience and will help prevent mom from getting Postpartum depression which is commonly found in those moms with babies that are more demanding.

Mom is also protected against certain types of cancers in later life and even osteoporosis.

Your baby may need to stay in ICU in the earlier weeks, it is possible to keep up milk production without breastfeeding baby, you will need motivation, support of family and to be around like minded people. Get yourself a good electric, double action breast pump and try to educate yourself as much as you can on the subject of breastfeeding.

The end results will be so worth it. Only a mom can give the gift that keeps on giving.

“Breast fed infants have a huge advantage compared to others; they get twenty four hour love and protection… physically, mentally and emotionally” Tracy Ann Behr