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Rotary K cup Machine makes work easier

ROTARY K CUP MACHINE is a class of professional filling and sealing k-cups professional equipment, and rotary type machine has a circular production platform, no chain drive, the motor directly drives the rotary table turntable to guide k cups to complete the filling and sealing process.
Rotary K-cup machine fills cups in a circular motion. This machine can be used in circular motion. An inline machine requires more space. For small production runs, the rotary machine requires less space and is an excellent choice. However, inline machines require more space.
A rotary k-cup filling machine can measure all kinds of materials including liquid, granular, or dry ones. Depending on the model, it can weigh coffee, instant coffee, tea, and soy milk. It can also weigh yogurt. It has a high capacity and is stable. A semi-automatic rotary K-cup filling and sealing machine is a convenient machine for smaller businesses. These machines can produce anywhere from 300 to seventy-five cups an hour, depending on the model.

The features of rotary machine

The most important feature of any K cup machine is the ability to fill cups. There are several types of K cup machines available in the market. The first type uses a vacuum cup to take the lid and gently place it on the cup. Another type uses a sealing station that applies heat or a hot punch to seal the K cup lid. Then, the final step is to transfer the K cup to the container.
The features of Rotary K cup Machine can help you make the right choice. Most of the machines are fully automatic. This type of machine is capable of filling 700-750 K cups an hour. It uses an aluminum foil sealing film and weighs about 350 kg. It also has a 20-liter hopper and a 0.1% filling accuracy. For high-volume production, it will save you a lot of time and money.
A built-in sealer is a good feature for this type of machine. This type of sealer automatically fills, seals, and applies lids to the K cup. With a built-in weighing feature, you can fill cups, tubs, and bowls with liquid products. A robotic arm can be added to the machine for even more convenience. The other features include a temperature controller, code, and cup back conveying.

What can a Rotary K cup Machine do?

A rotary k-cup machine is a vital piece of equipment in any business. It is portable and produces more k cups than a manual machine. Because of its large capacity and high speed, it is ideal for small productions and laboratories. It is smaller in size and can be used anywhere.
This is an excellent addition to any business. It makes your job much easier and more efficient.
It is compact and easy to place in any space. It is simple to use, has a high production speed and high accuracy and can be placed almost anywhere. The rotary k cup machine is easy to clean and is compatible with many types of k-cup products.
Coffee tamping and capsule edge cleaning system
This is an essential step to ensure quality seals. Coffee Strong vacuum pressure can remove any coffee residue from the capsule edges.
To make the coffee more firm for better brewing, it is tamped.

Control and electrical box

All the electrical parts are mainly from Schneider and Omron to ensure the working accuracy of all functions. Unique high-tech micro-computer controller has powerful fault diagnosis and protection functions. All the parts are standard and it is easy for you to find replacing ones. The spare output port can help realize multi-unit chain control and remote diagnosis control.

Finished capsules/cups discharging

  • table and orderly grab system.
  • Precise rotation and placement system.
  • Vacuum or mechanical claws. Pick and place the finished capsule on the 1.8 meter conveyor belt. The standard conveyor will be placed at 90 angles.

Nitrogen input system and protected device

Cover the mold with organic glass. All processes, including empty capsule feeding stations and sealing lids stations, are flushed using nitrogen.
The powder hopper has a nitrogen outlet, which can ensure coffee production is in a modified atmosphere. It will lower each capsule’s residual oxygen level to less than 3%, preserve coffee aroma, and prolong coffee shelf life.
The advantages of AFPAK Rotary K cup Machine
Have many replaceable accessories
  • 1: UV LAMP

Ultraviolet disinfection lamp is to kill ultraviolet rays to include bacterium reproduction, bud, branch bacilli, coronavirus, fungus, ricketts and chlamydia to wait, the body surface that each is polluted by the afore-mentioned virus, water and air, can use ultraviolet ray disinfection
  • 2: Anti-static device

The main function of the ion fan is to eliminate static electricity, which has excellent performance to prevent electrostatic pollution and damage. Because the coffee particles are always moving and rubbing against each other, they must generate static electricity. Removing this static electricity is more conducive to smooth filling, and also protects the filling system in a sense.
  • 3: Micro liquid flavor adding device

Add Micro flavor liquid into capsules, Such as Vanilla, Hazelnut different tastes, The pump power is from Compressed air, spray one drip liquid flavor into the capsules.
  • 4: The online check weighing system

After finished capsule discharging, the online check weighing the online weighing system measures the weight of each product. The products that reach the set weight value will be transported to the finished product box smoothly, and the defective products will be identified and enter the rejection box. Use motor drive loading cell platform move up and down to check every capsule’s weight
  • 6: Remote control

Before the machine leaves the factory, the program and logic are set according to the current requirements of the customer. If the customer wants to change some software logic according to the actual needs in the future, the engineer can control the change remotely in China, which saves them time and economic cost of the customer.
Accurate operation
Because the movement of the disc is driven directly by the motor, there is no need to pass the chain, so the whole machine is more stable and smooth operation

Who is the best Rotary K cup Machine brand

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