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Reasons to Become a Personal Trainer

We can all agree that most people enter the fitness industry and business because they already have a passion for exercising and working out. However, people tend to neglect the idea that being a personal trainer is not having access to gym and training facilities 24/7.

It is more about the ability to show others how to focus their fitness goals and to help them reach perfection. Choosing a career path is a challenging thing to do, especially if you wish to see whether you have a passion for it or not.

If you still think that this is the perfect career for you and you wish to become a personal trainer, we decided to help you understand the main benefits and reasons why you should engage and get certification.

1. You Will Help People

Have in mind that personal training requires you to continually help people reach their fitness and health goals. Most of us are seeking guidance in the form of PT so that we can reduce pain, improve general fitness as well as athletic performance and lose weight.

If you have in mind that approximately 70% of the U.S. population is considered to be obese or overweight, the demand for PT services are increasing and will spike in the next few years.

You should understand that being obese is associated with numerous health risks and issues, but people lack self-esteem and confidence that will allow them to start working out and to appreciate the bodywork.

We can differentiate numerous reasons why people are in need of motivation and help when it comes to exercising effectively and incorporating it into the regular routing.

Most of them will need help, and the first person they will turn to is fitness professional that will help them reach the wanted perfection.

2. Exceptional Career Opportunities

We have mentioned above that the rise of overweight people is problematic and that brought us to a point where the weight loss industry reached two billion dollars in revenue.

Since people are bombarded with healthy diets and lifestyle, the personal training industry will also grow for 16% until 2020.

At the same time, fitness professionals are the only certified experts that can help their clients reach fitness goals and lose weight efficiently and safely. You should click here if you wish to learn more on becoming a personal trainer.

3. Great Income

Since the industry will grow in the next few years, the number of professionals is also increasing; however, the demand is still below the potential. For instance, most fitness professionals have witnessed that their incomes grew 25% between 2010 and 2014.

The demand will continue to increase which will affect the overall income personal trainers will get on an annual basis. If you are a personal trainer with certification from NASM, you will be able to reach 40 thousand dollar income on yearly basis.

This is proof that this particular industry will continue to expand which means that outlook for potential trainers and fitness professionals will increase. That is the main reason why you should seek certification and education as soon as possible.

4. You Will Be Independent

This particular career can open numerous doors and opportunities for you as well as the ability to work independently without anyone behind your back. Most PTs have flexible schedules and work with a specific client base that will determine the availability and training times.

You will be able to be your boss and create personal business and schedule based on your preferences and goals. The industry is also great for potential entrepreneurs that wish to develop private business and brand out of themselves.


As you can see from everything, we have mentioned above, being a fitness trainer will pay itself of both personally and financially. However, this particular career path is not simple as it seems and it can be challenging and requires from you specific regiment.

The industry is changing and developing, which is why it is the perfect time for you to commit to success so that you can become a national professional in this particular field.

If you decide to educate yourself and gain a wide array of certificates, you will get proper knowledge, which is necessary to gain insight and to become the best in your area.