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Project Management PRINCE2 – Keeping a Solid Plan


It is important for the project manager to communicate the project plan. A project plan is a list of things to be done. Each project should have a purpose and all processes within its boundaries should be defined in terms of the purpose of the project. Once the purpose is determined, the steps required to accomplish the project plan can be identified. These steps should be completed in the order documented in the project plan. As on a PRINCE2 Foundation training edinburgh.

The Project Plan

The Project Plan includes:

Note: although the planning of a project may start with the end in mind, it is important to have a clear and detailed picture of what the end product will look like before you start the project. Sitting down to map out the project will be more successful if the end is visioned first.

There are five general areas of interest in a project:

There may be others, but these are sufficient to describe the general areas of the project to getting started with the details of the project. For each area, there are usually many sub-areas, specific plans or activities are required to fit the overall purpose.

Project manage

This term relates to the process of controlling, or directing the project to be carried out within the time, budget or other parameters required. It can also be used to describe the roles within a project in terms of resources, finances, or time.

This is a very important aspect of Project Management, as a project without clear management would not be manageable. The Project Plan is built upon this project plan, as it defines the needed tasks.

When issues arise, they need to be corrected. This feature of Project Management makes it possible for us to manage the project.

An important feature of Project Management is coordinating and interacting with other people who are working on related areas. These may be the project team, the business users, sponsors, or even a miracle working five year old who just happens to be working on your project.

The task list should never exceed a page. When a task refers to a certain person, that task is detailed and needs to be broken down into smaller and smaller chunks. Once the task is broken down into small chunks, it is not uncommon to send an email or sticky note to that person reminding them where they need to be. Finishing the task allows for assigning other tasks to be done or a second review of the plan.

When problems arise, they need to be handled. The Project Plan prevents this from happening.

Top Management

The Project Management section provides a breakdown of the overall project with information to help the over all project manager.

The top management of the project would include the operations managers who would be in charge of the various resources necessary to come up with a working product. Project Costs can be talked about in terms of time and money.

The aim of the project manager is to accomplish the project’s intended purpose in the best way possible, in a time frame that provides the customer (the project) with time to plan for theOSEavior. When a new project is started, the main steps of managing the project are identified. Within each project the kind of team that is needed to complete the project needs to be identified. If the project involves more than one team, make a composite team to combine three teams together.

The project manager would also need to identify the problems that are occurring and possible solutions to those problems.

Bottom Management

The bottom or support function of the Project Plan is the people who will work to implement the proposed solution that has been implemented by the project manager.

It would include the technical team, the quality team and the accounting.