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Obesity Problems in Teenagers

Obesity Problems in Teenagers

Lots of people ponder how we reached this point from being the nation with one of the most physically fit people to a country that’s experiencing overweight population. Plus the number of overweight people appears to be increasing.

It has been more than 30 years that the food industry and the nutritionists have embraced the idea of decreasing the quantity of fat consumption. This was as a result of formally publicized information on foods that are high in cholesterol such as eggs. After this discovery people started having the assumption that all kinds of fat in foods ought to be avoided and that they were solely accountable for high cholesterol problems. Having such false assumption, this generation had grown up with the fat-free encouraged environment, where people understood fat blocked blood veins and caused serious health problems and that all fat-free foods are foods for lower cholesterol.

After that people started to consume extra carbohydrate to compensate for the flavor taken out by the absence of fat as being the ingredients in foods. The outcome was that increased level of processed carbohydrate also leads to weight problems and other serious health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, and not to mention high cholesterol problems.

The fact has been later found is that we need fat in the form of essential component for our body to work appropriately and carry out the metabolic processes. As we knew that specific vitamins and minerals are fat-soluble, e.g. vitamins A,D,E,K, by avoiding fat totally, our body fails to process these vital nutrients which as a result bring about several health conditions caused by nutritional deficiency.

The updated information and health campaign at the moment are encouraging the new generation to simply avoid unhealthy fats for instance trans fatty acids or those found in red meat, and heated chemical processed vegetable oils, and try to eat healthy fats in avocados, coconuts, olives, and flax seeds. It is upsetting to know there exists many people who still fail to teach themselves on how to reduce unwanted fat and keep good body weight in a healthy way. Young adults have been bombarded by this media’s false idea of so-called “nice” body, they’d rather starve hoping that will get them the thin bodies, as opposed to having healthy, nutritious diets,and eating habits.

It is our responsibility as parents and responsible adults to correctly notify the young ones of the advantages and disadvantages of improper diets and how they may threaten their health and well-being down the road. Health assessment carried out by specialist and health authorities should be done on regular basis to provide assistance to students at school as every individual has their own dietary requirements based on lifestyles, gender, and age. Reinforcement of good diet regime not only helps minimize obesity problems of our country, but also decrease the national medical conditions in future.