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Live Bait vs. Lures: Which Is Better?

It’s the age-old debate between fishers: live bait, or lures?

The reality is, both methods have their benefits. While a lot of experienced fishers swear by using live bait bought at a local fishing shop, others love the experience of using a lure. 

So, which option is best for you? Here are a couple of quick pointers to help you make your decision. 

Best for beginners

New to fishing? If you’re just learning the basics, you’ll get more satisfaction out of using live bait. 

Bait fishing is a little simpler and often delivers a faster reward than fishing with a lure. It’s a great way to learn the ropes and get the hang of the sport before you move on to more complex methods. 

Hunting vs. Trapping

If you ask a fishing expert, a lot of them will compare the difference between live bite and lures to the difference between hunting and trapping. 

If you’re fishing with a lure, there is a little more sport involved — it takes skill and knowhow to hunt down your catch. 

Bait fishing, on the other hand, is more like trapping: you set your trap and patiently wait for your catch to come to it. 

Which is best?

The bottom line is that neither option is really better than the other. It’s all about your personal preference. 

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