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Learning How to Lower Cholesterol

Learning How to Lower Cholesterol

So you need to find out just how to lower cholesterol in your diet? It is something that will make you be healthier and live a longer life. There are many things that can be added into your diet to get the right type of cholesterol flowing in you.

One of the best options and most taught is that of adding in oatmeal to your diet. Though you may not like the flavor you need to add this in, because of the fiber that is in it. This soluble fiber will help to knock out that bad cholesterol that is going up each time you eat the wrong things.

There are other foods that are a great source of this type of fiber so add those too. They would be pears, kidney beans, prunes, apples, barley, and psyllium. Find different ways of cooking with these items to add that fiber into your diet each day.

Adding in just a basic ten grams of this soluble fiber each day will help to soak up the bad cholesterol from your body. As an example if you eat a serving of one and a half cups of oatmeal it will be six grams of that fiber you need.

There are many nuts that you should also eat that will help with lowering your cholesterol. Some examples are walnuts and almonds, think of adding them to other foods, or eating them on their own.

You only need to add a bit of these nuts into your diet to see a nice reduction in that chance of heart disease. Equal to about a handful of nuts of any of these types to see improvement. Peanuts, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachio, and pine nuts. Remember not to overdo these nuts though because the calories may add up.

Finally fish that has a lot of omega 3 fatty acids in it is another way to get rid of that cholesterol. If you don’t like to eat fish though you should buy a pill that will add in this fish oil to your diet.