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It’s Mom! 7 Items You Must Bring When Traveling With Babies

Finally, your little one can be invited to travel too, Mom! Since this is the first time invite traveling baby, Mama definitely confused should bring any equipment.

No need to worry and be confused, Ma. Also, there is no need to bring the whole house to travel just because your little one is coming this time.

Just bring enough items, the most important thing is that you don’t forget to bring these 7 items best baby registry in canada

1. Clothes

Of course, clothes are the first thing that must be brought. Bring clothes according to the holiday destination that Mama is going to. Prepare a sleeveless shirt and a swimsuit if your goal is to go on vacation to the beach, or a sweater and long sleeved shirt if you are on vacation in the mountains.

However, wherever you are going to a tourist destination, always prepare a jacket and blanket, as well as socks in case the air suddenly gets very cold. This is to prevent your little one from catching a cold or getting cold.

Bring enough clothes, no need to overdo it, if you want to overdo clothes, only add 2-3 spare clothes.

2. Baby gear

Baby equipment that you need to bring include:

  • Diapers, bring enough, if you run out, Mama can buy them at the nearest minimarket. So that the contents of the suitcase are not full with just diapers.
  • Perlak , this is very useful as a base for changing diapers anywhere.
  • Toiletries , bring only standard toiletries such as towels, soap (2in1 with shampoo), toothbrush, telon oil.
  • Anti-mosquito stickers or anti-mosquito lotion, anticipate tourist attractions visited by many mosquitoes, can prevent your little one from being fussy because of being bitten by mosquitoes
  • Stroller/Baby Carrier , if you don’t want to bother bringing both of them, you can choose to bring one of them and adjust it to the vacation spot you are going to. If the tourist spot you are going to visit has a lot of stairs or the road is not smooth, a baby carrier might be better off taking a stroller instead of a stroller . However, if you don’t want to bring both of them, you can also look for loans locally.

3. Drinking bottles & cutlery

It is enough to bring one water bottle and standard cutlery while on vacation. Also bring a food container that is useful for storing your baby’s food that doesn’t run out, and can be eaten again at any time either in the car or on the go. Because usually babies can only eat a little but often right?

4. Instant food

Even though it sounds unhealthy, and food may be the top priority that you think of when taking your little one on vacation, preparing food and bringing a food processor on vacation can be very inconvenient.

For the food itself, the little one can actually eat at the hotel or restaurant where Mama eats too, of course, of the many menus, there are also menus that can be eaten by him. For snacks, Mama can buy fruit or baby biscuits at the minimarket or supermarket closest to tourist attractions.

Instant food is only a backup if you don’t find the nearest minimarket or supermarket and your little one is too hungry to have a tantrum or so on.

5. Drugs

The medicines that Mama brings are only standard medicines such as fever-reducing medicines, diarrhea medicines, vomiting medicines, or if your little one has a certain type of disease, you can bring these medicines.

But make sure your little one is in a fit state when going on vacation. Because if he was sick, the holidays would be unpleasant. Take care of his body condition before going on vacation.

6. Antiseptic wipes

Antiseptic wipes are very useful in many ways. It can be used to clean high chairs in restaurants, clean your little one’s hands after doing various activities, and many others.

In addition to antiseptic wipes, there is also a special type of baby antiseptic spray, which can be taken into consideration when carrying.

7. Toys

This one item certainly cannot be separated from the little one, Ma. However, don’t carry too many toys or your suitcase will only be full of toys. Just bring your favorite toy, the smaller the better.

The toys here are only to calm your little one when he is bored, or to make him have activities while on the trip. If your child is bored easily, you can find other ways, such as singing while on the go, watching movies on your gadget, or inviting them to chat. You can find for

Happy walking, Mom!