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Instructions for Breastfeeding Mothers: Breast Pads

Instructions for Breastfeeding Mothers: Breast Pads

The good thing about breast feeding is that you practically have everything you need. There is no need to worry about a good formula, or prepare a bottle of warm milk. You do not need to bother about getting your baby used to a pacifier or bottle-feeding. There is, however, still one thing that is necessary for mothers: a nursing or breastfeeding pad.

Nursing pads usually come as a set. The first thing you need to know is how to choose the right type of pads for you. After that, purchase a lot and stash it somewhere that is easily accessible. If possible, put some in your purse so that you can change in case you needed to, and you are not inside the house.

It is a good idea to purchase from different brands at first, so you can find out which brands you should buy and which you should not. Put them together, or even on top of each other to avoid leakage. If you are using a washable or a cloth breast pad, be sure that you follow the appropriate instructions found on the package. Keep in mind that when damaged, pads will no longer function as effectively, and will not prevent leakage at all.

Put all your pads at home near you. If possible keep the pads at the nightstand or the bathroom closet so they are always accessible to you should you need to change them at nights.

After a week of trying on several nursing pads, pick the best brand for you and purchase enough of it. You have to consider everything when choosing, however. You need to think about practicality, efficiency and so on. You also need enough time for trial and error. So be inquisitive and suspicious about each brand before you pick a personal favorite.