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I Bought a Bank Owned House To Live In – Here’s My Story

I just picked up a bank sale property to live in. I believed I thoroughly understood what I was getting into legally, but I didn’t quite recognize the amount of effort and work I’d be facing, in order to bring this home up to my standard of living. Obviously, it depends on what you mean by “liveable” standards, for the reason that each one’s condition of living can be very different. Yet, the external, horizontal and vertical surfaces of the building were encased in mildew, moss, dirt, grime, oil and rust stains, mold and also paint. The walkway had oil slicks and other stains that should not have gotten on there. The top of the house seemed like it would collapse because of the plant life co-habitating up there.

But, it is additionally in a extremely good location, plus I purchased it for a fraction of the selling price of other residences in the region. Since the building appears in disrepair, has been neglected a long time, years actually and no person who wanted to commit themselves to make the effort on the real property, therefore, I landed a special buy. And definitely not without obstacles, that seemed to crop up from time to time.

Prior to putting in my bid, I’d determined I would pick up the gauntlet and attempt to restore the abode in a style paying homage to it’s past glory. It will probably be in need of considerable effort, however I knew it’d be worthwhile, in the end.

When we took possession of the property, my biggest challenge was simply to not burst into crying, on every occasion when I pulled up in the driveway. The exterior of the house was so ugly, so terribly dirty, so disorderly and overgrown that if I was going to continue with the project, I’d need to freshen up the outside as a priority.

While the grounds were jungle-like, there were a lot of stunning, blooming undergrowth beside the property, that I wanted to keep. However, if the domicile outside was gradually tidied, and eventually groomed, I could probably still smile about arriving home. And, I wouldn’t make foes of the other homeowners in my neighborhood.

That’s when I decided to call for pressure washing services near me.

Dropping by in a pick up, all the while pulling a huge water tank, the technicians came out. The first thing the crew’s boss asked me was if I had any daunting concerns. I discussed that I wanted to guard the beautiful blossoming undergrowth near the homestead. I asked if they’d be exposed to harmful chemical compounds. Interestingly, they put in place a preventative cloth on the bushes and trees prior to starting, and that is a part of their normal preparation with each and every power washing service. And they asserted that they would also completely soak the gardens with liquid, to dilute any of the chemicals, should they settle on the earth nearby the bushes and trees.

Great. Terrific project!

I supplied the leader with a perfunctory synopsis on having just moved into the place; also discussing the certitude that the home was deplorably mis-managed for a long while. And as a result of this reality, the pressure washing company basically, would scrub every facet of the property during their pressure cleaning process. As a result of some apprehension that there were exterior elements which could demand some special attention… I asked if they might make note of any loose or broken asphalt shingles, and/or tiles, paving stones, siding, windows, rotting window frames, torn/missing window screens, yadda yadda?

I was told that they would do it, even though I knew and they knew, that it was generally not part of their job. I was truly dazzled with their willingness to help out. The manager would ensure that the staff knew enough to make note of the things that were broken, loose, or rotted, as they were cleaning.

Even though they came with a team, the group spent most of the day power cleaning the outdoors of the house, the roof and gutters, the paved driveway, the porch, the concrete patio, the low brick wall (on the perimeter) and all hortizontal and vertical outside elements around the complete residence. What a task! And these guys and gals power cleaned the property rigorously uncovering a new pristine shine to the home’s exterior!

The oil and rust stains, grime, dirt, mold, paint, moss and mildew were annihilated. The walkway stains, lichen and sticky stuff were eliminated and so were all of the other blotches. It looked like a new house! We were so comfortable with the effect, I enquired about power cleaning the windows and screens while they were here.

Now that the outside is cleaned up, I will initiate a repair plan and start work on fixing up the elements that were itemized. At the moment, the dwelling is not a blight to myself or the folks in the area. And I’m not ashamed every occasion when I pull up to the residence. And by the way, we could never visualize engaging some other business to perform pressure cleaning on our home. Hiring this crew was an excellent decision. To book a pressure wash near you, visit the website.