How To Rid The Body Of Bad Cholesterol To Protect Against Heart Disease And Enjoy Many More Years

You know, heart disease is a life-threatening illness, and in some cases, claims lives without warning. Knowing how to rid the body of bad cholesterol is essential, given high blood cholesterol is a chief contributing factor and cause of coronary artery disease, the most renowned form of heart disease.

We all want to live as long as we can, and spend as much time as possible with our families, our parents, our siblings, our kids, our grand kids and even our great grand kids.

And making sure we take good care of our heart health is one of the ways to make this happen.

Before getting into how to rid the body of bad cholesterol, you need to understand and appreciate, just how dangerous heart disease actually is.

In the US alone, approximately 14 million people are living with coronary artery disease, with millions more inflicted around the world.

Every few seconds in the US sees someone pass away from heart disease, or suffer a heart attack.

This is what you are up against and why you need to learn and act on, how to rid the body of bad cholesterol.

LDL cholesterol is the bad cholesterol, and when you have too much of it in your system, usually as a result of your diet, plaque will start appearing in the walls of your arteries.

As time progresses, and more and more plaque is developing, clots will form, causing blockages in the coronary arteries that provide blood to your brain and heart. For you, unfortunately, the outcome is a stroke or a heart attack.

Now, before getting completely focussed on how to rid the body of bad cholesterol, you need to know that you also have good cholesterol, called HDL.

HDL cholesterol actually helps to get rid of bad cholesterol, by removing it from your bloodstream, and bringing it to your liver for excretion.

But, HDL can only carry out this undertaking if you keep your HDL levels high at all times. So the most effective solution to how to rid the body of bad cholesterol is through lowering LDL cholesterol and increasing HDL.

Choose diet, exercise and natural supplements to successfully achieve this, and here’s why.

By cutting out or cutting back on foods that are high in saturated fats, trans fats and cholesterol, you will lower LDL cholesterol considerably and increase HDL at the same time.

Getting an absolute minimum of 30 minutes of exercise or physical activity every single day will raise HDL cholesterol while lowering LDL.

Now why choose cholesterol supplements over traditional prescription cholesterol medications?

There are 2 key reasons for this.

Cholesterol supplements are side effect free, unlike prescription cholesterol medications that can cause headaches, severe muscle pain, kidney complications, liver damage and heart failure.

And if you get the best cholesterol supplement, with the best natural ingredients, you will target the whole of cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides, unlike prescription cholesterol medications that only deal with LDL cholesterol.

If you are ready to action how to rid the body of bad cholesterol, then pop over to my website today and learn more.

By Suzana