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How to Evaluate Accumed Medical Billing Services?

There are two choices that medical practice owners can have when it comes to revenue management. The first one is doing it themselves with software and the second one is outsourcing it to a company that is made to do so. Depending on how much work needs to be done, it is usually better to have someone else manage it so you can save time and effort. But, you need to be careful about how you choose them.

Trust matters here a lot because you need to provide important information to a different company. You can probably find many Pennsylvania medical billing companies online but there are certain things you should look at when choosing one. The essential part there is to spend less time on billing and similar work and focus more on patients. This you should focus when searching for a firm is the capacity to take on new clients, pricing model, use of technology, industry experience and level of service.

What is Their Job?

A lot of people that just started doing business don’t know the purpose of these companies. Their work should include at least collection agency transfer services, patient invoicing and support, payment posting and processing, carrier follow-up and claim generation and submission. These are the most important factors of medical billing. What you can see at some companies is appointment scheduling, insurance eligibility verification, transcription, medical coding and credentialing. The number of services will determine the price. You need to know your capacity in order to pick the right services for you.

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Level of Services

Before you have a partnership with a certain firm, you should look at their level of service. By knowing what issues can happen, it will be easier to make the right choice. When it comes to denied claims, if the company will pursue them, you will need to know what procedure they will take. It can happen that a certain patient won’t pay the bill. In that case, the billing service should follow up regarding billing issues.

There are legal terms that need to be followed when making a partnership with these companies because you will provide private information to a third-party. It’s important that the patient privacy for the company you hire is the same as you have. This will assure that everyone has the same treatment and be treated by terms they accepted in the first place. Everyone is looking to improve their business, so a good company will make sure that they improve their business and inform you about the changes.

Company Experience

Besides the time that company exists, you should look at other factors that will determine the overall experience they have. There are many medical specialties which mean that they need to be familiar with billing procedures for each one. Maybe the company you want to hire didn’t work with a partner with similar specialties.

Most countries have their own medical billing association so if you find a company that is certified by the association, you will know they are legitimate. It will assure that the company has what it takes to do the business. This also includes medical terminology and web technology. Even with the certification, you need to focus on the relationship with the billing service firm. Click here to read more.


Technology has improved a lot and it became more secure so it can be used for billing purposes. Much more can be done with less effort. But, even if you have good quality software, it doesn’t mean you will use it efficiently. Proper education is important here and a certain procedure they will follow. Because the information is important here, a person who is hiring a company will need to know everything about data sharing and security.

It is hard to determine if the technology is up to date because you don’t have much knowledge related to it so it’s best to look at how efficient their clients are. The technology used can be a determining factor between profit and loss so make sure their software is more efficient then what you’ve done until hiring them.


You won’t have many benefits if the billing service does not have the capacity to efficiently follow up with outstanding bills. To determine if they can handle it, you’ll need to look a few metrics about them. These metrics include the number of claims processed annually, the gross number of billings, number of clients, number of employees and years in business.

It’s never bad to get more detailed and check other factors that are important about medical billing companies. It would be helpful to know the percentage of the time reduced for making a payment, the percentage of increased revenue for the past clients and follow-up delay metrics. If a company is good in each of these factors, you’ll know they are great at their job.