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Healthy Heart – Burning Fat Prevents Heart Disease

Healthy Heart – Burning Fat Prevents Heart Disease

In the past five to ten years, young people have not been prone to heart disease. Heart disease is a sickness that is generally for older folks. Times are truly changing and more and more young adults today are now on high risk of having heart problems due to high cholesterol.

The rate of young individual with high cholesterol level, high blood pressure and on the risk of heart attack is now alarmingly high. Due to the way technology changed the way people pace their lives, there is less and less reason for a person to even stand up and walk around for work. You just sit in front of the desk 8 hours a day. You no longer have to walk or ride a bike for you have your own car where you can stay relaxed while driving home. At home, you have a very comfortable bed waiting for you. You do not have the time to walk your dog or visit your neighbors for your television is showing your favorite series. Also, the innovative medications are focusing away from what really matters such as the preventive measures of exercise and proper diet.

If people would just take a time out to focus on their health each day or even just a few days within the week, it will greatly decrease their chance of heart disease. Heart disease is normally caused by obesity, high blood pressure and high level of cholesterol. In order to veer away from those heart problem causing agents, you need to burn those fats.

During exercise, the body creates more amounts of HDL or high density lipoproteins. HDL is the good type of cholesterol. The bad type of cholesterol that you want to lessen in your body is called LDL or low density lipoproteins. The higher the level of your HDL, the lower your LDL will get. Exercise also strengthens the most important muscle in the body, which is the heart. As it gets stronger it will be able to pump more blood. The stronger the pump, the less blood clot you will have, the less chance of heart attack and other heart disease.

Exercise also burns unwanted fat. Not only will you feel healthy, you will look healthy as well. A lean and healthy body is far from having heart complication. The heart will be able to pump blood without cholesterols blocking its way and it gets throughout the body in a faster way.

If these are the benefits of exercise, then why is it that there is still a high rate of people with heart complications? The reason is because most of them just do not have a concrete plan of action. They should insert in to their daily routine a specific time where they are required to exercise. They would have to be determined to stay on target as well. There will be stumbling blocks along the way but if you have the heart do live life to the fullest by remaining healthy, then better stick to your plan.