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Fundamentals of Maintaining Good Cat Health

Fundamentals of Maintaining Good Cat Health

The enjoyment, pleasure and happiness of having a feline pal cannot be compared with anything. Having a feline friend is such a pleasurable experience but everything comes with a price. Even having a feline friend also has a price attached to it which is in the form of responsibilities and obligations. The experience of joy and happiness largely depends on how well you know and understand your pet and fulfill their needs.

Unhealthy cats are inactive so keeping a good care of their health becomes very important if you want the experience of a pet cat enjoyable and memorable. Learning how to take proper care of your cat’s health is important for all cat owners. Every pet cat owner should know that taking proper care, fulfilling basic needs, giving love and attention not only promises a good health for your cat but also ensures it lives a long and happy life.

General Needs

Every cat has certain basic general needs which you should pay attention to and fulfill. Proper nourishment, grooming and right medical attentions are some of such needs. Special care should be taken in case of illness and pregnancy for female cats. You as a pet owner should keep a certain amount of money every month for fulfilling your cats needs as proper health care may demand both time and money.


One of the most important things which determine the health of cats is food. Right food is the key to good health. By giving your pet a well nourished cat food and a good diet not only protect your cat from getting any common illness but also help your monetary, by saving on your veterinary bills. Always try and give your pet cat food manufactured by suppliers approved by American Association of Feed Control Officers (AAFCO).


A new born kitten has an natural ability to groom itself. You may have noticed mother cats licking their kittens as soon as they are born to help them breathe. Grooming amazingly comes naturally in cats. Cats are well versed to handle almost all their grooming needs. However, it’s advised to use that you should use some of the grooming techniques for your pet cat. Cats with long hair need extra help and care to prevent getting matted fur.