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Foods That Lower Bad Cholesterol – Proven Cholesterol Lowering Foods You Should Be Using

Foods That Lower Bad Cholesterol – Proven Cholesterol Lowering Foods You Should Be Using

When it comes to reducing high cholesterol the verdict is in. The most effective and safest way to bring down high lipid levels is by increasing the amounts of foods that lower bad cholesterol in your diet. Let me guess. Your doctor forgot to tell you this?

While most medical professionals will point their patients to cholesterol medication if they have high cholesterol problems, this really makes little sense. The medications that are on the market today have some very serious side effects. The numbers of individuals that experience muscle ache, spasms or twitching can be as high as 25% and many of these end up with muscle damage, making it necessary to cease using the medication.

However, if you want to know how to lower cholesterol fast without using medication, you will need to be looking to some of the wonderful cholesterol lowering foods that are available at your grocery store. These foods are typically those that contain high amounts of soluble fiber such as vegetables, nuts and whole grains.

Each one of these food groups has been shown to be extremely powerful for reducing high cholesterol. In addition to their fiber content, all of these foods, especially nuts, contain large quantities of sterols which have been shown to block cholesterol from being absorbed into the body.

The effectiveness of plant sterols for reducing cholesterol readings is due to the fact that their chemical makeup is nearly identical to that of cholesterol. Many experts believe that it is due to this similarity that sterols compete for absorption into the bloodstream, ultimately allowing less cholesterol to get into your system.

Yes, there are many foods that lower bad cholesterol. I encourage you to visit my website where I discuss them in depth along with how to lower cholesterol fast without having to resort to medication. Taking these types of natural steps to reducing high cholesterol will provide you with health benefits that go far beyond only lowering your cholesterol readings.