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Fish Oil and Cholesterol – Discover the Positive Correlation Between the Two

Fish Oil and Cholesterol – Discover the Positive Correlation Between the Two

Recently, there has been a significant change in the way people think about natural and organic products thus causing a higher demand for it. One such product that’s at the forefront of this change would be fish oil. These days, it has really caught everyone’s attention especially after studies have shown that including it in our daily diet can actually be very beneficial to us.

To be more specific, people are thrilled by the fact that taking it on a daily basis can actually help lower our cholesterol and keep our heart healthy. However, despite the fact that many people have already started using it, there are still those who remain doubtful about its actual effects.

So in this article, I’m going to talk about the effects of fish oil and how it helps us in our fight against bad cholesterol as well as what makes it good for our hearts and body. To get started, let’s first look at the 3 things associated with cholesterol. These 3 are HDL which is the good cholesterol, LDL which is the bad cholesterol and the Triglycerides which are fat. Now, with that done with, let’s look at what happens when fish oil and cholesterol levels are put together.

Studies have indeed shown that increasing our intake of fish oil subsequently causes the HDL or good cholesterol levels in our bodies to rise and at the same time, causes our Triglyceride level to go down. These triglycerides often creates blocks in our arteries which can cause heart attacks so if we can eliminate them early on, we basically reduce any chances of heart attacks.

In fact, as some of you may or may now know, the American Heart Association highly recommends an increase in both our fish and fish oil intake to help improve the processes of our hearts. But what makes them so great? That would be their Omega 3 content which is solely responsible for regulating our cholesterol levels as well as preventing our blood platelets from clotting and causing artery blocks which could subsequently lead to a heart attack. As long as blood flows freely through our veins and arteries, our risks of getting a heart attack are low.

By now, I’m sure that you’re wondering how you may be able to take advantage of these truly wonderful benefits. Well, for starters, you would need to choose the right fish oil. It’s recommended that you buy ones that were extracted from cold water fish such as mackerel, salmon or trout as these are the ones that are rich with the DHA Omega 3. You should also pay attention to how the fish oil was refined and make sure that the manufacturers used a refining process that was able to thoroughly remove all kinds of pollutants from the oil.

In conclusion, trying it for yourself would be the best way to tell if it works or not. So give it a go and experience the benefits for yourself and clear all doubts.