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Exercise To Lower Your Cholesterol

Exercise To Lower Your Cholesterol

In the modern society nowadays, many of us do not manage to find time to exercise. The exercise which what I mean here is a certain amount of high intensity exercise. That means most of us today is at higher risk towards developing cardiovascular disease.

You can avoid surgery if you make significant changes to your lifestyle by watching your diet and regular routine of moderate workout or exercise. Evidence shows that regular, moderate physical activity like aerobic, cycling, jogging, brisk walking and weight training has favorable effects on our blood vessels and they can have effect on our cholesterol level by themselves. Exercising also I would prefer a combination of mountain biking and weight training. I choose mountain biking because of its high level of cardio intensity without hurting my joints. Well, don’t get me wrong. The category of mountain biking is cross country, cycling on trails and dirt track.

Cholesterol is energy rich fat particles in our blood stream. Working out appears to change these to larger size particles and so in this case the bigger the better. The smaller size particles are detrimental and it is more likely to cause blood vessel disease. The American Heart Association states that people who stick to a regular physical activity can improve on their level of good cholesterol (HDL) which will lower the risk of heart disease. The other benefits of exercising are it can reduce elevated triglyceride levels besides stimulating the actions of enzymes that remove cholesterol and fatty acids from the blood.

Aerobic and cardiovascular exercise is the best for reducing your LDL levels. So what is this exercise? This form of exercise is an activity that you are panting for breath and sweating and requires you to maintain your elevated heart rate at a certain level. The elevated heart rate level differs in our age. Normal healthy individual heart rate is about 75 beats per minute and so please consults your physician or a sports doctor to determine your maximum elevated heart rate. It’s also good to wear a heart rate watch to monitor your heart rate so that you do not push it to the maximum or otherwise could pose a danger to your heart.

So let us take a step to develop an exercise program. Any form of physical movement is good but as I’ve mentioned, I choose mountain biking and weight training as my program and work on the schedule of 3 times per week of 1 hour of weight training and 2 days usually during the week ends of mountain biking. You don’t have to follow my schedule but you can start off with 30 minutes of jogging, brisk walking or cycling and try to incorporate a strength training program 2 times a week to strengthen your muscles. This is just a guideline and it is advisable to start slow and build up gradually to avoid strain and injury. This is the lasting that you want and please consult a gym instructor or personal trainer to assist you in developing the program.

Therefore, we can lower our cholesterol with moderate exercise regime several times a week and diet of plenty of fibers, vegetables and omega 3 oil. Remember this, studies show that the majority problem of cholesterol is due to diet, lifestyle and environment rather than genes.