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Drinks: Burn Calories By Jogging, Cycling and Walking

baileys irish cream nutrition

Everybody consume a certain drink, either alcoholic or non-alcoholic; but do you know the amount of calories that your favorite drink gives you and how long it will take you to burn those calories when you jog or walk? Alright, there is no problem if you don’t know because those are the information you will surely get from this article. Just chill as we unravel together some important facts about those drinks that you relish.

Today we také a look to Baileys Irish Cream and Aperol Spritz Coctail.

Baileys Irish Cream Original

Baileys Irish Cream Original is a cream-based Irish whiskey with an alcohol content of 17%; with one of the major ingredients being cocoa extract, and usually with herbs and sugar. Its nutritional content include proteins, carbohydrates, and fat.

Baileys Irish Cream nutrition

100ml of Bailey’s Irish cream original gives you 327,000 calories  (1368.17KJ of energy), and this amount of calorie is burnt when you engage in 40 minutes of jogging or 47 minutes of cycling or 58 minutes of walking.

Aperol Spritz Cocktail

Aperol spritz cocktail is an enjoyable Italian wine-based sweetbitter cocktail usually served over ice; it is made of aperol, prosesco, soda or sparkling mineral water; garnished with orange or an olive.

Aperol Spritz Calories

100ml of Aperol Spritz Cocktail gives you 99,960 calories (418.51KJ of energy) when consumed and this amount of calorie is burnt when you engage in 12 minutes of jogging or 14 minutes of cycling or 18 minutes of walking.

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So that’s it! Now that you know these critical facts about your favorite drinks, always ask yourself if you can actually give what it takes to burn the equivalent calories that an extra glass of the drink will give you. If you can, then Enjoy!