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Don’t Hire An Inexperienced Commercial Roofing Contractor – Review This Checklist Before Hiring.

Investing in a new commercial roof installation is a rather large undertaking for any person responsible for seeing the project through to completion. Commercial roofing, depending on the size of the project and property, can run millions of dollars, so making sure to locate an experienced commercial roofing company for the job is paramount. Read more below to find out how to avoid inexperienced commercial roofers.

Insufficient Industry Knowledge

To most people, residential and commercial roofing are one and the same, which isn’t true.  Commercial roofing will require different tools and materials, different skill sets, and more in-depth knowledge.

Low Bidding

It’s unfortunate, but many aspiring commercial roofers accrue their expertise by accepting projects below what most experienced companies would accept. How do you feel about them learning on the job with your new roof? The allure of getting a low bid is what winds up costing so many businesses in the long run when complications spring up from a lack of foresight and experience.

Insurance & Licensing

This shouldn’t really be necessary to say; however, the fact that so many shady roofers accept projects when lacking the required insurance and licensing makes it worth bringing up. Please be sure to check and see if the company you’re wanting to hire does actually have both of the above. If they do not, they make your choice relatively easy; wipe them off the shortlist.


Expertise is a trump card when it comes to the chief factor in who to choose for the job.  Assuming the bid price isn’t too out of reach, then going with an experienced company typically works the best. You should see at least one preferably more project similar to yours within the company’s history.


Due diligence is necessary when it comes to contracting a commercial roofer. Be aware of what previous customers are saying online, are there negative reviews, if so, how many? Does the company respond to complaints or ignore them? These are all important considerations before pulling the trigger on who to hire.

You should only contract a Fort Lauderdale commercial roofing company that meets all the requirements discussed above. Don’t compromise for companies with a poor reputation or who lack expertise. It should be quite simple to identify the right company to hire when you know what you’re looking for.