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Breastfeeding Supplies For New Moms

Breastfeeding Supplies For New Moms

New moms have a lot to think about before their baby is born. One of the many decisions pregnant women must think about is if they will breastfeed or formula feed the baby once the child is born. If breastfeeding is your first choice, you will need to think about what breastfeeding supplies you will need.

Women who are planning on heading back to work will need to purchase a breast pump if they are planning on feeding their baby breast milk while they are gone. There are many types of pumps available depending on the needs of the mother.

First, there are manual pumps. These are very basic pumps and do not require batteries or electricity to run. They are the most economical and can be used anywhere. A step up from the manual pump is a pump operated by batteries. These pumps will cost a bit more, but will require slightly less effort from the mother.

If you will be pumping frequently, the third kind of pump, an electric pump, will be the best choice. These kinds of pumps will work the fastest and require the least amount of effort. If you are unsure which one will work best for you, try renting a pump from the hospital before going out to buy one.

While nursing you may have some leaking from your breasts. A good solution for this problem is nursing pads. You can buy disposable pads in the beginning as most women leak for the first few weeks after birth. You can later purchase cloth pads if you continue to leak.

Sore nipples will also most likely be an issue for women who are nursing. To treat and sooth your sore nipples, make sure you have some lanolin cream on hand. You will be thankful you have it and as a bonus it is safe for babies to digest.

Nursing bras are another necessity for breastfeeding mothers. Waiting until your third semester to buy a nursing bra is good advice. This way, you will have a much better idea of your bra size after the birth. There are many different kinds of bras, so trying a few different styles on is a good idea.

Another product you do not want to forget to buy if you are planning on nursing is a breastfeeding pillow. Although the comfort of the baby is important, it is also important that mom is comfortable while nursing. There are a few different types of pillows, so pick which one is the most supportive for you.

There are many other breastfeeding supplies on the market that some women feel that cannot live without, but these are the basic supplies that you will be thankful you have. When thinking about buying any of these products, do your research. Online reviews may help to make your decision on what to purchase a lot easier.

If you have friends who breastfeed, ask them what products they recommend. You may find that breastfeeding friends will be your best resource for useful information regarding necessities.