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Best Methods to Remove THC from Your Hair

There aren’t many ways that you can beat the drug test but you can find many ideas online. Some of them have 90% efficiency but others are completely unreliable. The products that are meant to detoxify your hair can be expensive so people are figuring out other ways to do it. THC can stay in your hair for a long period of time so if you need to take a test for your company, you might need help to manage it on time.

By following most common methods that are circling online you will probably pass the test. It’s important to follow instructions for test pass detox shampoo to clean your hair because they aren’t like something you will use regularly. In order to avoid more damage done, do everything correctly. Avoid doing methods that have bad reviews. It would be best if you know someone that tried some of them and knows that does the best job.

What Not To Do?

A lot of people find a great way to detox from THC and they still use it before the test happens. This is the first mistake they are making because the results will most likely be positive. You will need to stop using it as soon as you figure out that you need to do the detoxification. Most of the home remedies you will find online will include detox products which means that you can’t pass it with only natural ingredients.

You are able to pass it naturally but only if the test is in 4 months and you have time to grow new hair that won’t show signs of THC. Shaving your hair won’t do the trick. Many websites are recommending this option but most of them don’t know that your head isn’t the only place they can get a sample from. If you want to use products, it’s important not to overuse them. Always follow the instructions because they are a lot stronger than your normal shampoo.

Get more information here: https://www.health-street.net/blog-drug-testing/hair-drug-testing-facts-and-myths/

Moderate Users

The best method for light or moderate users is just taking the test without any effort. Using all kinds of products can damage your health so sometimes it is good to take the risk. This is possible because tests are meant to discover heavy users. If you are doing it only once a month, there is a high chance you won’t be positive on the test.

This also has a lot to do with your body type and hair care. If a person is overweight and moderate users then the chances to pass the test are very high. The risk will depend on how much is important to you to pass the test. If your job depends on it then you should try products that are meant for this occasion.

Detox Products

To make sure your test won’t show positive results, the best way to go is detox products. For each type of test, you can find a product and most of them are made for the urine test. When it comes to the hair follicle, the only way to go is detox shampoo. Most people won’t only use the shampoo even if it is very strong. They decide to have additional ingredients that will clean metabolites from the follicle.

They can be very expensive but they have proven to work and there are many great reviews for most of the products you can find online. They usually have the same ingredients. The only difference is the method you apply. There are normal and stronger methods if you need to pass it in 24 to 48 hours. The less time you have the more damage you will do to your hair but it will save your job.

About the Test

The reason why you should approach this test more serious is because of the accuracy it has. The urine test can be easily passed by many methods but the hair follicle test is five to ten times more reliable. More companies are applying this method each year because it is becoming more affordable. It usually depends on how many employees the company has and how strict they are. If your job doesn’t depend on it and you have other reasons to take the test, then the best option is to wait around 100 days to pass it naturally. Click here to read more.