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Are You in Control of Your Diabetes?

Are You in Control of Your Diabetes?

Are you in control of your health? You cannot blame it on your doctor, your spouse, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your lover or your workmates. You, and only you is responsible, and you must accept that responsibility for your own health.

You should be informed; you should know everything about your diabetes and the complications of obesity, overweight, high blood pressure and cholesterol associated with it. There are no acceptable excuses today, especially with the internet, although you might need to sift through the information available and discard the silly bits.

When you investigate, do not accept the first bit of information you turn up. Really evaluate the information you have. Ask yourself “does it make sense”. The decision you make is going to be for a long time, with long lasting effects.

You are going to make lifestyle changes that are going to affect many parts of your life. Remember your doctor can offer advice, he is your servant.

Simply put, if you wish to rid yourself of diabetes, you need to completely monitor all the food that goes into your mouth

A� Reduce the consumption of lean meat to zero if you can. We know after many years of having lots of meat it will be hard to change, but you must curb that to no more than 10%. Pritikin diet allows 10% but it is better reduced, even further in a diabetic’s case.

A� Increase the amount of fruit and vegetables. It is amazing what you can do with fruit and vegetables and the variety that are available.

A� Reduce your intake of sugars to Zero. No manufactured foods, as most contain sugar as preservative as well as sweetener. Sugar has a lot of different names and anything with ose in the name, is sugar. Sugar is a killer when you are a diabetic. This even means fruit juices as they have become refined carbohydrates, better than cola drinks, but not much.

A� No more salt, throw away the salt shaker. Most manufactured items have sugar and salt in them to taste as well to preserve them.

A� Start and exercise program by walking around the block to start, then around the next block until you get to 20-30 minutes a day and doing this for 5 to 7 days a week.

A� Plan on a new wardrobe, how handsome or how pretty you will look in a new outfit and a couple of sizes smaller. That would be a great reward.

Remember you own it, you fix it.

You Can Do It