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Ameda Purely Yours – Hygienic Breast Pumps For Less

Ameda Purely Yours – Hygienic Breast Pumps For Less

Did you know that because breast pumps are a personal hygiene device, they can not be returned to the manufacturer unless they are faulty and under warranty? This means that if you purchase a breast pump, then use it one time and are not satisfied with its performance, you can not return it. This leaves you with an ineffective product that you spent lots of money on. This is not completely unavoidable, however there are ways to reduce the risk of this situation occurring.

Researching other women’s successes and failures with certain brands can shed a little light on how your experience will go. A good way to find people with experience using a particular pump is to visit various forums and blogs online that are geared toward new parents, infants, breastfeeding, etc. These online communities are filled with users that are more than happy to discuss their experiences with you. You can compare your situation to theirs to determine how relevant their experience is to yours (i.e. pumping at work, frequency of pumping, breast and nipple size, etc.). Try to find out as much from these people as you can, as it will go a long way in helping you determine the best pump for your needs. Also, avoid spending a fortune on your first pump, as price is not always an indicator of success with breast pumps. There are popular breast pumps which are very reasonably priced, and also perform well, which backs up this logic.

In terms of breast pump popularity; there are a few brands that stand out above the rest. Ameda, Avent and Medela are 3 of the most commonly purchased pumps on the market, each with its own pros and cons. However, it is this writer’s opinion that one manufacturer stands out above the rest, Ameda. Although other brands can and do perform well, many come with a hefty price tag for no good reason. Ameda has built a reputation for offering high quality, effective breast pumps, at very reasonable prices, and their pumps offer the features that matter most.

You would think a lower price meant reduced amounts of features/functionality for Ameda pumps, but great emphasis has been placed on hygiene and customization, the two most important features moms are looking for. Ameda’s line of personal use breast pumps are called the Ameda Purely Yours series, and they offer breastfeeding moms exactly what they need for a successful pumping experience.

Each Ameda Purely Yours pump features fully customizable speed and suction strength settings, allowing users to tailor their pump to their personal preferences, which results in higher levels of success with milk expression. An additional feature offered by Ameda Purely Yours pumps is the presence of a closed milk collection system. Ameda’s HygieniKit performs this task, which prevents outside contaminants from entering the expressed milk, as well as the tubing and pump mechanism. Ameda breast pumps are the only personal use pumps that offer a closed milk collection system, which has previously been a feature in hospital grade pumps exclusively. By including this in all of their breast pumps, Ameda offers breastfeeding moms a safer, more hygienic method of breast milk expression.